Best Web Analytics Tools for Businesses 2021
Web Analytics Tools are important for your website performance and metrics, It provides Insights on how visitors interact with your website.


Getting started with understanding your website's data is super easy.

With these Analytics Tools, you will be able to find the right ones to get you started. Use these tools to help you get the most insights that your website needs.

These Top Analytics and data tools for websites covers the following: Google Analytics, SEMRush, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, Matomo, MixPanel, Cyfe and many more.

We hope these tools help you get started with understanding your website's performance and how you can optimize it further.

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What is the Best Web Analytics Tools?

After using different Analytics Tools across numerous companies, here are my top picks for the best Web Analytics Tools for your Website.

Here are the best Web Analytics Tools for your website:

1. SemRush

Semrush is a comprehensive SAAS platform that takes care of providing marketers with insights and data to power up the online visibility strategy.

My favorite thing about Semrush is that they continue adding features to their tool kit. This tool will help you achieve all of those goals.

It's a sort of an all-in-one solution that has a lot of detailed tools in it.

If you are a Seo who is serving clients or if you run your website, this tool is going to help you rush in your business to find keywords, research your competitors and analyze your domain, get insights for better improvement for your business.

If you are a Startup, blogger or a content marketer, Semrush can help you find some excellent content ideas and keyword ideas.

Semrush offer API, (application programming interface). API lets you skip the standard interface and extract raw data from the tools and reports and then integrate it into your scripts and programs to fit any custom need, It's great for creating bespoke dashboards or even a whole new application.

Features :

  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Gap
  • SEO Content Template
  • Position Tracking
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Social management
  • Link building
  • Domain Overview
  • PPC Keyword Research

Pricing :

2. Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is the free and open source web analytics framework that lets you stay in control of how you instrument and analyze the use of your websites and application.

OWA is licensed under GPLv2 and provides developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript and PHP based APIs. OWA also comes with support for tracking websites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress. 

Features :

  • First Party Control : Run OWA under your own domain or as part of your web application.
  • Customize : OWA is a customizable web analytics framework that can be extended to meet your needs.
  • CRM Systems : Track WordPress and Mediawiki based websites and admin events
  • Metrics, Dimensions, Reports : OWS provided you with dozens of standard metrics, dimensions and reports.
  • Data Access API : Extensive data access API enables integration with raw data access.
  • Privacy Controls : OWA respects GDRP and other privacy frameworks.

Tracking Features :

  • Javascript Tracker
  • Campaign Tracking
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Action Tracking
  • PHP Tracker

3. CrazyEgg

For over 14 years Companies like Etsy, Zendesk, Dell, and hundreds of thousands more have used CrazyEgg to reduce shopping cart abandonment, maximize registrations, and increased subscriptions on their websites.

In 2006 CrazyEgg Decided to Create one of the first heatmap technologies that show you how people interact with your website using that information to improve your user experience.

They Also provide visual reports and individual session recordings to get to know your website visitors with CrazyEgg. You can easily create the perfect page using the CrazyEgg A/B testing tool.

They’ve expanded Crazy Egg to include many more features to help improve not only websites but also web apps and mobile experiences Snapshots now include a heatmap, scroll map, overlay report, confetti report, and list report, each providing a unique and valuable look at how your visitors are engaging with your webpages.

User Recordings show you exactly how visitors navigate your site and A/B Testing lets you experiment with different headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions and quickly learn which idea converts the best.


  • Heatmap
  • Scroll map
  • Overlay Report
  • Confetti Report
  • Recordings
  • A/B Testing

Pricing :

Basic : $24/Mo

Standard : $49/Mo

Plus : $99/Mo

Pro : $249/Mo

Enterprise : Build your Plan

CrazyEgg is very easy to setup and it integrates with the most popular services likes Shopify and WordPress.

CrazyEgg offers a 30-day Free Trials and Allows you to add all your team members free of charge.

4. MixPanel

MixPanel is an Advanced Solution that can be deployed on mobile and Desktop, while most other analytics tools have a different approach.

MixPanel approach is by measuring and analyzing the actions or the steps taken by Visitors who have visited your systems or applications. With MixPanel an action can be anything, For instance, it can range from somebody uploading an image streaming a video or sharing a post on your website or application.

Mixpanel makes powerful analysis accessible to anyone. Interactive reports let you query your data with only a few clicks, then see visualizations in seconds.

This makes it easy to answer question after question about how your product is used, who sticks around, and much more.

Features :

  • Interactive Reports
  • Insights Reports
  • Funnels Reports
  • Flows Reports
  • Retentions Reports
  • Impact Reports
  • Experiment Reports
  • Users
  • Signal Reports

There are so Much more features they provides.

Pricing :

MixPanel Pricing Structure comes with three basic plan:

Free : Its Free

Growth : $25/Mo

Enterprise : Contact sales

5. Amplitude

Amplitude is the Digital Optimization System used by the most valuable brands and disruptive teams to understand and personalize their digital products and optimize the business value of product innovation.

Amplitude Was build to gives a new understanding of customer behavior, predicts outcomes, and adapts experiences to drive world-changing results every click every interaction is input from your customers.

It starts with the behavioral graph by sorting through millions of seemingly random actions.

It instantly finds patterns that make recommendations and connects them to outcomes that matter like engagement growth.

Amplitude is built for product makers whereas google analytics is created for website makers.

The reason Google Analytics focuses on sessions page views and traffic, it was created for content websites. Google Analytics will track unique visits to each page URL.

Amplitude supports product teams.

They allow you to drill deeper into a chart so you can slice information multiple ways, maybe you want to know which users didn't convert or where they went instead of taking the action you wanted them to take, you can easily do this just by clicking into your chart.

They allow you to look at an individual's user journey you can look at event streams and ensure that you understand the actual underlying behavior happening within your app.

Features :

  • Behavioral reports
  • Prediction analytics
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Core analytics
  • Monitoring and automated insights

Pricing :

Amplitude Three types of plan:

  • Starter
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

Amplitude Offers an Interesting free plan to get you started, including Core analytics, unlimited data retension and track up to 10 million actions per month.

They also offer Custom personalize plans to fits your Projects.

6. Hotjar

It is not easy to find an analytics tool that captures who and what your visitors are doing on your website.

We have a chart of a powerful and easy solution for deep analytics. Hotjar gives you a picture of your website's performance, and it helps determine what catches visitor's attention and what doesn't.

With all the Data, you can bring a positive and powerful change to your web presence.

Hotjar comes with Two essential features in hands:

Features :

  • Heatmaps
  • Recording

Heatmaps give you pictures of what people are clicking on on a particular webpage, this is very important to make improvements to your UI and your UX for a better user experience

Recording allows you to know What people are looking at on your website and also the engaging to help get closer to your visitor's.

Pricing :

Hotjar comes with a price tag, They provides three Plans Personal, Business, Agency.

See below to look at the pricing for Hotjar:

Personal : Basic: free / Plus: $39 Mo

Business : Business: $99 Mo / Scale: $389 Mo

Agency : Contact Hotjar

7. KissMetrics

Kissmetrics is a powerful analytics tool that can help you get insights and monitors the activities of every visitor to your website, people are visiting your site and using your app, and all you're seeing are unique visits at bounce rates you'll have a long list of unanswered questions about customers revenue Product features, and churn.

If you can answer these questions, you can drive growth and attract more loyal customers.

When a new visitor comes to your website, Kissmetrics creates a user profile in each profile.

You'll see all of their activity across all devices when they signed up, which features they use, and how much money they're spending. You'll have all this behavioral data to see.

Where people drop off in your funnel, which channels bring in the most revenue, and how to segment's behavior changes over time with these insights, you'll understand customer behavior and drive company growth.

Kissmetrics can help your business, regardless if you are small and growing or established and looking for more depth in your data.

Kissmetrics SAAS and ECommerce Features :


Pricing :

You can also get access to Kissmetrics SaaS and Kissmetrics Ecommerce for $299 per month for the Silver Plan, where they offer 3 Users Seats and a monthly Tracked Users of 10k, with an annual agreement.

Check Out the Pricing Table below for better idea.

Becoming a data Expert doesn’t happen overnight, but With Kissmetrics its easier for you to get there. They have laid out some Best Practices for what types of events SaaS and E-Commerce businesses should be measuring.

Feel free to check out our article on the Best eCommerce Platform For Online business.

8. Cyfe

Introducing Cyfe, an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place.

Cyfe helps you make better business decisions and save countless hours tracking your data. Cyfe lets you monitor individual departments, projects multiple websites, and anything else using dashboards.

You can pull data from popular services like Google and Facebook using pre-built widgets, or use custom widgets to securely display data from your company's databases, with Cyfe you can create dashboards for social media, web analytics, marketing, sales, finance project management, IT, and so much more.

Cyfe also offers a built-in keyword ranking tool, which allows you to automatically monitor website rankings across Google and Yahoo without having to pay for any other SEO tools.

All pass data is archive within Cyfe.

Cyfe dashboards can be share with management, team members, and clients via user accounts or via public URLs, and you can download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV format.

Live dashboards can be display on your office monitors to help keep your team inform and boost employee. You can even customize dashboards with your logos and backgrounds or switch between light and dark themes, Cyfe takes less than 60 seconds to set up a dashboard.

Features :

  • Embedded Analytics
  • Custom widgets
  • White Label
  • Cyfe API
  • Pre-Build Dashboard and Templates

Pricing :

Cyfe Pricing.

Solo : $29/Mo

Pro : $49/Mo

Premier : $89+/Mo

Agency : $150+/Mo

Cyfe is a great analytics tool for beginners and offers a 14-day free trial to get started, visit and sign up.

9. Matomo

Trusted on over 1 million websites in over 190 countries. Matomo a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership.

No other web analytics plug-in gives you comprehensive customer insight so easily while making it seem almost fun to stay GDPR compliant.

Matomo leads the way in data privacy and even comes well equipped with its own GDPR manager.

Matomo analytics is a powerful and user-friendly web analytics platform that lets you learn who your customers are and their needs you'll understand what content works and how engaged your audience is identify which marketing channels give you the highest ROI and invest with confidence in channels that convert for your business.

You'll also discover blockages and fix pain points for confused visitors to ensure they become satisfied customers, and continually test and learn what surprises and delights your audience, to convert more users and be more successful.

Features :

  • Real time data updates
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Analytics for Ecommerce
  • Content Tracking
  • Site Search Analytics
  • Page performance reports
  • Site speed and page speed reports

Pricing :

Matomo Monthly Traffic 50,000 Page Views Pricing .

On-Premise : 0 EUR

Cloud : 29 EUR

10. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics gives everyone the power to use analytics to do their job better.

In Workspace, you have no boundaries in how you use data.

You can build completely flexible views of the data and use multiple tools to shape it, so your analysis moves just as quickly as you're able to ask questions of your data. You may have an interest in exploring the pads that users take on your digital experiences visually while mixing and matching dimensions along the way.

They have tailored their analysis to page types that result from internal searches to be able to apply new attribution models on the fly to help better understand when and where conversions are happening. Adobe Analytics can be also integrated with third-party platforms.

You may have an in-house CMS, or a direct marketing platform from another vendor — all of them can be integrated with Adobe Analytics thanks to various data injection methods and APIs.

Adobe Analytics is perfectly integrated with Experience Cloud solutions.

You can build and update audiences for onsite and offsite targeting, which may involve the platforms like Audience Manager, Target, Campaign, and Advertising Cloud, formerly Media Optimizer. And there are also many integrations with third-party platforms that may pull the data from Adobe Analytics.

For example, it’s common when data analysis happens in business intelligence platforms.

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free Analytics tool for anyone interested in growing their website with digital marketing. Google Analytics allows you to see and get insight, activities, how many visitors you're getting to your website, and where are they coming from like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

How much time are they spending on your website and lots of important data?

Features :

  • Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Monetisation
  • Retension
  • Demographics
  • Conversion

Pricing :

Google is completely free to use.

What is a Web Analytic Tool?

A Web Analytics tool is software that helps collect data to get insight into your website.

Web Analytics helps you by providing data. First, let's look at the different types of data.

  • Metrics
  • Conversion
  • Dimension


Let's start with metrics. Metrics is any activity you can count into your website

  • If you have an E-commerce website, you can track how many products you are selling and how much your are making.
  • If you have a blog, you can track the number of times visitors looked at a blog post or the amount of time they spent on your website.

All of these are called metrics.


When starting with analytics, you might feel like you are in an ocean of metrics. But you'll quickly get used to navigating all this data. So, what do you do with it? Well, you can use web analytics tools to learn more about your website's visitors.

There are lots of things that you might want people to do on your website, such as placing an order, or getting directions to your shop, or even filling out a contact form, This is known as a conversion. Your conversion rate is the number of people that visit your site and then convert to one of your goals. Web analytics tools can tell you if your conversion rate changes, based on where visitors came from or what device they used.


The device data we're collecting is called a dimension.

A dimension is a data you can use to describe something you're tracking with words. Dimensions include things like device type, the browsers visitors use, their geographic location, and much more, by taking your metrics and slicing them with dimensions, you can find answers to specific detailed business questions.

If you want to know what time of day most people visit your website, take your visitors metric and break that down by the hour of day dimension. Or perhaps you want to find out which marketing campaigns are making the most sales. Take your conversions metric and break it down by a campaign dimension. As you deep-dive into your web analytics reports, you'll be able to see which metrics and dimensions are being tracked, and you can then combine them-- slice and dice them-- to answer the questions that you care about the most.

If you haven't started with an analytics tool yet, you'll probably want to choose one to install. And most have a pretty similar set-up. First, you need to copy and paste some code onto your web pages.

The analytics tool will then start tracking things on its own, but you might want to configure them to track specific things, that are unique to your business and your goals. Hopefully, you're getting excited about all the insights you can get from web analytics tools.


Here is Our Recommended Web Analytics tool, as there are way more out there.

We’ve compressed the list down to the very best so that you can choose the option that is right for your business or online brand and feel free to check out our Best Free Wordpress Theme for Blog.

Lets us Know!

What is the best Web Analytics Tool do you use to improve your Website Conversions rate?

Which one of these Web Analytics Tools are you planning to use, and why? Let me know by commenting below.


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