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Pricing : $2.59/Mo.
Dreamhost is one of the most reliable and secure Web hosting companies in the business.



Dreamhost comes with a pricing of $2.59 for Basic plan, and a free domain privacy protection.



Easy to use interface.



You can get help from their help chat center, call 24/7 to solve you problems.


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Dreamhost Overview

Dreamhost is one of the most reliable and secure Web hosting companies in the business. In addition, they provide related services other than web hosting. It comes with tool suits that include everything you need for successful web hosting.

Dreamhost is also fast. Furthermore, they make available an easy-to-use and custom control panel that is simple and very easy to use. It makes it easy for you to manage your Web hosting.

Based in the USA, Los Angeles, Dreamhost is owned by a company known as New Dream Network LLC, and it came into existence in the year 1996. The company began site hosting in the year 1997, and since then, they have been improving on their operations.


Dreamhost Domain Name Registration.

A domain name is a name given to any website. Before the site can use that name, it must first be registered. There are different levels of the domain. You can choose from any of the names and register for your website. 

Suppose you want to register for your website. The first step you need to take is to register the domain name. 

When you get the name, you have to think about how to purchase a hosting name for your website. When you buy the domain name, you will be required to provide contact information to the registrant.

The Dreamhost Domain Registration benefits that they offer are Free Domain Privacy Protection. 

See down below some Dreamhost domain Registration pricing:

The benefit of the Dreamhost Domain Registration is that they offer Free Domain Privacy Protection. 


Dreamhost Features?

Dreamhost has fantastic features. That makes it valuable. It is easy to use the platform to build a website.

They have a friendly interface. It is simple and well laid out, and it makes it easy to manage your domains and view the settings. Furthermore, the security options are not hard to locate.

Building your website is not complicated, irrespective of any site you want to make, such as a WordPress site. Once your account is approved, you get started with the website building.

After having your domain and hosting, here are some of the best page builders to get started with your website.

Dreamhost for WooCommerce.

E-commerce options:

There is also the eCommerce option that Dreamhost makes available to its customers.

They make Provide the ZenCart, and you can get access to this one with just a click. It is an open-source shopping cart.

Dreamhost works well with WooCommerce. It offers a hosting plan, and It is also secure, fast, and optimized for WooCommerce.

It is also compatible with Dream Press, it is a perfect plan, and makes it possible to launch your WooCommerce store. It creates plenty of room to grow.

  • DreamPress.
  • DreamPress Plus.
  • DreamPress Pro.


It offers antispam on its email. However, Dreamhost does not provide antimalware services. Instead, it comes with a control panel that is easy to locate and use.


Dreamhost Competitors?

DreamHost has other competitors in the industry. However, these are as good as Dream Host. Its competitors are Bluehost, Kinsta, HostGator, Cloudways, and IONOS.

From all departments, you can see that the DreamHost is doing well, and it can compete with other providers such as those listed above. This web hosting platform is easy to use.

They offer adequate customer support. If you choose any alternative providers, you would like them because they provide the best hosting experience.

There are several such alternative hosting providers, and some of them are listed below, and they include the following:

We do have an article on the best web hosting for 2021. Check it out here to have a better idea on the best web hosting.

Dreamhost Hosting Types and Pricing?

Dreamhost has a different hosting arrangement. There are yearly plans as well as monthly plans. For starting a basic plan, the price is just $2.95 monthly, and it comes with one free domain, unlimited traffic, and unmetered bandwidth.

It is also made for fast SSD storage and preinstalled WordPress.

Some of the hosting plans available are shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting , and WordPress hosting.

Dreamhost has different hosting arrangements, and they include the following:

  • Shared Website Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting.
  • Manage WordPress Hosting.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting.

Shared Website Hosting.

Shared starter hosting is the starter and considered the cheapest and introductory hosting plan. It is meant for new people who are new to web hosting. As a starter plan, it has a few limitations. It does not offer more than one domain name.

Shared hosting: This is another hosting plan, and this means that you share a server with another user.

Customers share one server's resources, but that does not mean that they have access to each other files.

VPS Hosting.

VPS hosting: Virtual private server hosting is a premium hosting plan, and it is more solid than those mentioned earlier. It runs on a solid-state drive (SSD).

You can consider this as an addition to what is already existing. It is a standalone plan. HOWEVER, the VPS hosting plan relies on a Linux server to make for a virtual machine.

Manage WordPress Hosting.


There are also WordPress plans that you can choose. It offers different plans, and this also has some incentives.

  • WordPress Basic at $2.59/Mo.
  • DreamPress at $12.00/Mo.
  • VPS WordPress at $27.50/Mo.

DreamPress: This is WordPress hosting, and it is a managed hosting arrangement.

The service is scalable since it makes it possible for users to manage their WordPress sites. Some of the added benefits include memory, caching, robustness, etc.

DreamPress Plus : Dream Press Plus is perfect for established WooCommerce stores. However, it comes with storage requirements and higher traffic.

The other option is the Dream Press Pro. It is a high-capacity architecture for WooCommerce stores. It is good because it makes for extreme performances for your website.


DreamPress Manage WordPress Hosting Monthly Plans.

DreamPress : $12.00/Mo

DreamPress Plus : $24.00/Mo

DreamPress Pro : $79.95/Mo

DreamPress Manage WordPress Hosting Yearly Plans.

DreamPress : $16.95/Mo

DreamPress Plus : $24.95/Mo

DreamPress Pro : $71.95/Mo

Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dedicated server hosting: This is dedicated to one user. The resources on that server are meant for just one user and nothing more.

The Dedicated server hosting offers you root access, and that means that you can also customize it the way that suits your purpose. If an error occurs because of customization, help may not come quickly.


Dedicated Server Hosting Monthly Plans.

Standard 4GB | 1 TB HDD : $169.00/Mo

Enhanced 16 GB | 2 TB HDD : $299.00/Mo

Dedicated Server Hosting Yearly Plans.

Standard 4GB | 1 TB HDD : $149.00/Mo

Enhanced 16 GB | 2 TB HDD : $279.00/Mo

Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting: It is another web hosting arrangement, and it is powerful cloud computing and storage for your projects.

Some people refer to it as a click to edit the site builder. It is easiest since it does not need coding experience before using it.

The pricing Starts at $4.50 Monthly.

Dream Compute: It is another form of cloud computing service. It is one of the arrangements available with this platform.


Dreamhost Support.

Dreamhost also offers excellent chat support. Furthermore, they can provide email and ticket support. Unfortunately, they do not provide call support.

If you check the expanded knowledge base, you can get answers to all queries quickly.

After studying the expanded knowledge base, you can ask questions or report any issue through the support base.


It comes with great security features.

Dreamhost Comes with an extensive domain management tool.

Excellent cloud hosting offering.

Useful WordPress features for staging.

They do not offer call support.

Performance and Uptime.

The uptime of a website is mandatory. Whenever your site is not available, that means you are losing customers and a lot of money.

It is necessary that when customers come looking for something that would help them but would be disappointed, Dreamhost is always available and always online. It is good news for companies because they will always be functional at optimal services.


Dreamhost is one of the best host companies in the world today. The platform is simple and easy to use.

They offer different price levels, and you can choose according to your needs. The interface is simple and easy to use. In addition, its entry-level hosting arrangement is affordable.

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