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Pricing: $0.50/MO.

IONOS by 1&1 review, the most reliable domain and web hosting providers, find out the best features, security and performances.



IONOS by 1&1 comes with a pricing of $0.50, a free domain, and a wildcard SSL certificate.



The interface is beginner friendly best for businesses

of all types.



You can get help from their help chat center, call 24/7 to solve you problems.


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IONOS by 1&1 Overview

IONOS by 1&1 is an American web hosting company, and it was born in 1988. with the main aim of making information technology simple for everyone to understand and use.

This company provides a wide array of packages, including a virtual private server or VPS, shared hosting, and a dedicated web hosting service.

IONOS by 1&1 cloud hosting service is robust, and the hosting plan takes care of all your business needs. Whether you are a small business, enterprise, or class customer, it comes with great features that can boost your business needs.

This company has been around for more than two decades. It believes in taking care of its clients through technology.

Free Domain And SSL Certificate for the first year.

  • SSL

The company compares favorably to other providers when it comes to the quality of services they provide. In addition, IONOS by 1&1 Provides free SSL security.

When choosing a web-hosting service for your site, one of the factors to consider is security and performance.

SSL is about security, and that is one of the things that matter to any web hosting company service. IONOS by 1&1 does well in this aspect. To ensure that your site is protected, the company now uses GeoTrust Dedicated SSL certificate and Wildcard SSL certificate.

It comes with an advanced security feature that encrypts your website. It is assuring, and you can use your website with confidence. Its GeoTrust dedicated SSL Certificate comes with a server as well as developer shared hosting and developer eShop packages. Wildcard SSL is traditional with all Linux and Windows shared plans.

It ensures that your web is encrypted and makes for more security.

  • Domain and Email account.

Furthermore, they provide free domain and email account. Therefore, it is a bonus feature, and it does not cost anything extra to enjoy. The other free feature includes domain registration and email address. So you can get that free domain for one year without paying a dime. The same thing applies to their expert shared hosting packages.

The other good thing about IONOS by 1&1 is the improved user interface. It does not use the cPanel they develop their custom backend.

There are about five types of web hosting services which they provide, and they include the following:

  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Shared web hosting

The Web hosting services can take care of various categories of customers. For example, IONOS by 1&1 presently manages more than 12 million domains, and there are at least 8 million customer contracts, which it holds worldwide.

IONOS Data Center?

IONOS by 1&1 has data centers in North America and Europe. They offer both IaaS as well as scalable infrastructure. The customers can select between the various georedundant data centers.

The Datacenters in the US are located in Las Vegas, New Jersey, while those in Europe are in Berlin, London, Frankfurt am Main, and Logrono and Karlsruhe.

IONOS by 1&1 is the leading US provider of data centers and colocation. So far, it is estimated that they hold above 177 patents, which cover system design and cooling systems in the data center segment.

They also operate with seven highly secured data centers NAPs. The data centers located in Las Vegas and other places are highly secured.

IONOS by 1&1 Pricing and Plans.

Some of the hosting plans available are shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Professional WordPress hosting.

  • Shared Hosting

The price of this plan ranges from $0.50 to $16.00 every month. It also offers a discount for the first year of using this plan.

All the plan you choose also comes with a free domain and Wildcard SSL Certificate for the first year.

Essential : $3.00/Mo

Business : $0.50/Mo

Expert : $8.00/Mo

  • Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server which they make available at the sum of $45/Month A8i SSD.


Dedicated SSD Hosting Plan


A8i SSD : $45/Mo for 6 months then $65/Mo

L-16 SSD : $70/Mo for 3 months then $90/Mo Setup $50.

XL-32 SSD : $110/Mo for 3 months then $130/Mo Setup $50.

XL-64 SSD : $140/Mo for 3 months then $160/Mo Setup $50.

Dedicated HDD Hosting Plan


L4i HDD : $47/Mo

L-16 HDD : $60/Mo for 3 months then $80/Mo Setup $50.

XL-32 HDD : $90/Mo for 3 months then $110/Mo Setup $50.

XL-64 HDD : $120/Mo for #months then $140/Mo Setup $50.

  • VPS Hosting

IONOS by 1&1 can also boast of five VPS plans. These cannot be configured, but they offer good customer support and make for unlimited traffic.

The system also makes for a low-end VPS S plan that can boast of 1vCore CPU, and this can also boast 512MB RAM and 10GB storage. It is affordable as it costs just $2 monthly. The other plans are more effective and stable, but that depends on the available core.

Cores available can now range from 2 to 8, and this ranges from 2GB to 24 GB RAM, the cost also varies, and it begins from $10 to $45 every month.

Memory Optimize

VPS Hosting Plan


VPS S : $2/Mo Risk-free for 30 days.

VPS M : $4/Mo for 6 months then $7/Mo.

VPS L : $8/Mo for 6 months then $15/Mo.

VPS XL : $2/Mo for 6 months then $25/Mo.

VPS XXL : $18/Mo for 6months then $35/Mo.

Memory Optimize Hosting Plan


VPS M RAM : $8/Mo for 6 months then $15/Mo.

VPS L RAM : $12/Mo for 6 months then $25/Mo.

VPS XL RAM : $2/Mo for 6 months then $35/Mo.

VPS XXL RAM : $24/Mo for 6 months then $45/Mo.

IONOS by 1&1 can cover most of the hosting services, and most of the hosting plans they offer are already enumerated above. The pricing system is one of the things that make it outstanding.

Creating your website with the system is also not difficult.

You can signup with IONOS by 1&1 without difficulties. Select a plan and provide the detail. They provide two payment options that include card payment and PayPal payment.


What is IONOS by 1&1 Deploy Now?

Deploy Now is a tool that makes it easier for users to start using the site. Even if you are not technically inclined, you will not find it difficult to use the interface.

It comes with an easy integration process that includes GitHub, Java script, Integration, PHP, HTML5, and more. In addition, deploy Now makes it easy for learners with more features to be deployed.

It also makes for a better workflow, especially for learners. Finally, it makes things easy because of the great tools available to the new user.

What is IONOS Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is Common. It is different from another hosting arrangement because it involves using many servers. IONOS by 1&1 makes it different from single computing, which concentrates on just one server.

This Computing service is supported by IONOS by 1&1, since it makes for many tiers of management, and it is available for both Windows and Linux-supported operating systems.

The configuration cost ranges and commences from $0.0069, and the maximum price is $5 monthly. It also varies depending on the core arrangement. The system equally comes with customizable plans.

IONOS By 1&1 Main Competitors?

IONOS has other challenges in the industry. However, the major competitors in the field include the most popular of them, which is the Bluehost company. you can check out our full Bluehost review.

Others include Cloudways, Hostgator, Kinsta as well as Dreamhost. These are great competitors in the industry, and they are just in for competition and working very hard to gain customers.

IONOS by 1&1 can compete with these top contenders because they have been in the industry for a long time, giving them ample opportunity to develop and improve their services.

IONOS by 1&1 can do better and compete for customer service and ease of use. But, even in terms of performance, the web hosting company can do well.

Like other Providers, IONOS by 1&1 offers different hosting types, which you can select, depending on your requirements, and what you want to achieve for your business.

You can have value for your money when you choose IONOS by 1&1.

There are several such alternative hosting providers, and some of them are listed below, and they include the following:

We do have an article on the best web hosting for 2024. Check it out here to have a better idea on the best web hosting.

IONOS by 1&1 Support.

One of the things that make the system effective is valuable customer support. If you experience any difficulty on the way, you can contact the support team, and they will solve the problem instantly.

IONOS by 1&1 offers 24/7 customer support. Their phone support system is always available every day.

Moreover, they provide other resources that can assist you to solves most of the problems you can encounter while using the web hosting company. For instance, the frequently asked question section is mandatory to guide you on how to handle some of the difficulties you encounter on the way.

Furthermore, they provide a how-to guide, and this can also help you deal with some of the challenges you have using the system.

Besides that, there is the live chat option. The problem with this option is that an agent is not always available to attend to your request. In the same way, you can enjoy email support, However, email support is available if you are a dedicated or VPS hosting.

If you are a dedicated or VPS hosting, email support is available to you.

One of the recent additions to beef-up support is the one-on-one support from your consultant. This kind of support does not attract any extra cost.

Performance and Uptime.

The most important metric businesses consider before they choose a hosting company is the issue of uptime.

The essence of having a website is to be online, and you want a company that ensures that you are always online. When the uptime is lacking, the site would not be available when you want it. IONOS by 1&1 can do well in this area, uptime of 99.9 percent.

If not because they cannot account for natural crises, the company would have claimed one hundred percent uptime.

Its average response time for a server is added at 248ms. While reporting about performance and speed, one must consider the hosting arrangement. You cannot expect the shared hosting plan to have the same rate as the dedicated hosting plan.

The company is ranked high when it comes to performance as it can load pages very fast. If you want the best performance, you have to opt for high-end products like VPS and dedicated servers.

They can perform better than other plans. Even those lower plans are effective and can perform well.


IONOS by 1&1 is one of the best web hosting companies in the world today. This company has been in existence for a long time, and they have perfected their web hosting services.

The servers are secure and fast, and they offer a wide range of products from where users can select.

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