Kinsta Review.

Pricing : $30 Month and Up.
Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company that uses the power of Google Cloud Platform.



Kinsta offers the most flexible plans in the industry.



Kinsta is an easy to use platform, designed with beginners friendly in mind.



Kinsta support staff is always available to help 24/7.


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Kinsta Overview

Kinsta is one of the web hosting firms and the world’s best in WordPress management hosting provider. The company is rated high in WordPress cloud hosting.

It offers, Powerful servers services, the company can outperform its competitors in many ways. This hosting site is concerned with managed hosting for WordPress.

Once you subscribe to the platform, they take care of the rest for you such, as server setup and hosting. As effective as the web hosting company is, there is a concern about the prohibitive cost. As a cloud-based service provider, this company is built-in on the Google Cloud Platform.

When it comes to performance, the servers are fast, secures, and their redundancy is built-in.

Everything about the company is tailored to your satisfaction, as you can see from the support team. The staff is very well knowledgeable about WordPress.

It means that, if you need help, the staff can offer you every assistance you desire to have your site set up and function effectively.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company that uses the power of Google Cloud performance to make websites accessible to many people across the world.

The company is different from other web hosting companies. It does not use cPanel admin for web hosting and management. The company comes with something different, and they provide their custom-based solution.

Their platform is simpler and easier to use, and within a short time, they provide you with everything you need. Even if you are a beginner, you will not find this one very difficult.

The company specializes in providing the hosting service, and after that, they focus on managing your website. As you are aware, it operates on the Google Cloud Platform. Moreover, they provide Business, Enterprise as well as Custom hosting solutions.

All the services they offer are base on your need. They make available different hosting arrangements and plans, and you can select from these based on your requirements.

Apart from their ability to offer you the basic plan with the following features setting up and using WordPress site, they also provide you with the following options. These are mainly basic plan options, and they are:

10 GB of SSD capacity storage as well as 25,000 unique visits monthly. Furthermore, they make available one free site migration.

A 1440 daily uptime checks for each of the websites they manage under the basic plan arrangement. Moreover, they offer the users the ability to hook up a CDN.

You can encrypt support, provide everything that helps your site run at the best performance. Besides, Kinsta makes it easier for their clients to have automatic database optimization weekly, and this can help to improve your performance.

They make available self-healing PHP technology as well as premium DNS management.

Features :

  • Speed obsessive architechture
  • High security network
  • Next generation infrastructure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Free site migration

Pricing :

Kinsta offers the most flexible plans in the industry, they come with many plans in a monthly and yearly basis:

Starter : $30/Monthly

Pro : $60/Monthly

Business 1 : $100

More Plans are available from $200/Month Up To. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free premium migration on all plans. If you want to know more about the pricing and plans, check it out, Here.

Kinsta types of servers.

Kinsta offers SSL certificates and when you are purchasing. You would be asking for the server type you want.

It appears that the hosting site has different server types of servers, and there are several options available for clients from all parts of the world.

The company recommends that, when you are asking to choose a server type after purchasing the SSL certificate that you have to choose, Nginx.

However, where that is not available, you have to select other server types. They have different server types, and these server types they recommend you depend on the types of hosting arrangement you want.

There are different kinds of servers here:

Include Netscape iPlanet, Novelli Ichain, oracle, Qmail, Novelli Netware, Netscape enterprise server, sun one server, Microsoft Live Communication server, Microsoft small business servers, and other kinds of servers.

It all depends on the types of hosting you want to do. If you are finding it hard to choose a server, you can contact the support department.

They can provide you with the most appropriate server for the hosting you want to do.

You may be required to provide your server depending on the type of certificate you use.

If you are using a free SSL certificate, server types may not be required for you because this is available to all the customers of the hosting companies.

It is provided for free Cloudflare integration. When this is the case, there is no further information for the installation on your WordPress. On the other hand, if you are using your type of certificate then, you need to have the server type and what you should provide for as the service type is already made available for you.

Kinsta Main Competitors.

If you do not want to use Kinsta for your web hosting services, there are other alternatives out there. Some of these can compare effectively with Kinsta in terms of quality service and performance.

There are several such alternative hosting providers, and some of them are listed below, and they include the following:

There are other Webhosting companies also in business, and they include Wp engine, liquid web, pantheon, InMotion Hosting, Hostgator, Rackspace managed hosting service, and several other companies.

We do have an article on the best web hosting for 2021. Check it out here to have a better idea on the best web hosting.

Performance and Uptime.

When it comes to performance, Kinsta is one of the most reliable.

They can boast of almost one hundred percent uptime. The engineers check the status of every website under them every 2 minutes to ensure it offers premium and high-quality services.

There is nothing like downtime as far as this web hosting company is concerned. Even if you check the Kinsta Service level agreement, the company offers to provide 99.9 percent performance.

Kinsta is committed to top performance and exceptional uptime service. Kinsta is the company that uses the most innovative software for cloud hosting, which is PHP 8.

The company is regarded as the top-tier performing hosting company when it comes to performance. When it comes to managing the Goggle Cloud platform, Kinsta is the clear leader.


Kinsta is one of the cloud hosting websites and one that innovates the system. It is the most preferred option for those using WordPress sites.

Kinsta fits well for anybody doing business, whether it is an eCommerce website, a small blog site, and so on. It is going to take you to your destination. Because of the quality service the hosting company provides.

They provide the best when it comes to customer support. It is designed to meet the demand of your business as a result you are expected to pay more for the high-end services they provide.

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