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Pricing : Free
Pro Essential - $59.00/yr
Suki is the best free lightweight and lightning fast performance WordPress Theme.



Suki Pricing is the most competitive for what they offer in the pro version.



You get all the tools require to build an amazing website without coding.



One to One Priority Support with Suki Pro.


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Suki Theme Overview

Suki is a favorite WordPress Theme, and it is one of the fastest in the industry. It is also the most flexible. Suki is a Multipurpose WordPress theme since you can use it for different purposes online. Moreover, it is free to use.

Suki is rated the fastest and the most flexible theme for WordPress that has ever been created.

Before the creation of the WordPress Theme, several others were in existence, but the creators were looking for something more flexible, creative, and fast. The desire for that led to the creation of Suki.

Since its introduction, it has been fulfilling the reasons for its creation. The theme is also lightweight, and it is lightning fast. Another great feature is customizability. Other lightweight WordPress themes do not load fast, which is why Suki was introduced.

The most outstanding attribute is speed and performance, which is why many people cannot do without them.

What is Suki?

Suki is a WordPress Theme designed especially for Creating a Multi-purpose website project in WordPress.

It is one of the most innovative WordPress themes lightweight, fast, flexible, and highly reliable.

Suki is the fastest theme you can lay your hands on in the industry. This theme is highly customizable according to your needs. The flexibility of use makes it easy to achieve your purpose. It tops the list of the best WordPress themes.

Which technology do they use to build the suki theme?

The most outstanding attribute of Suki is the flexibility of use, speed, and performance. It uses a combination of different technologies such as SVG.

Its accounts for the fastness in performance and page loading. Moreover, the theme uses Vanilla JS, also known to be very fast. It does not rely on jQuery, which is slow.

What is Suki Pro?

Suki Pro is one of the advanced features of the Suki theme. If you want to take your website to the best level, then you can rely on the Suki Pro features.

It is best to upgrade your website, and when you do it using the suki pro, you will like the performance, fastness, Uniqueness, and quality of your project.

Suki Pro comes with premium features that allow you to create unique and beautiful websites with its Powerful modules, includes :

Layout modules :

Header Element Plus : Apart from that, it comes with a vertical header feature. The vertical header feature makes it possible to exhibit your header elements vertically.

It also provides four additional layouts. Most important, it makes for a transparent as well as sticky header. It makes a lot of options available for you, and with this, you can advance the features of your website.

  • Header Element Plus
  • Vertical Header
  • Transparent Header
  • Sticky Header
  • Alternates Header colors
  • Header mega menu
  • Footer columns width
  • Preloader Screen
  • Custom Blocks (Hooks)

Assets and Branding modules :

  • Custom fonts
  • Custom Icons
  • White label

Blog modules :

  • Blog layout Plus
  • Blog Featured Posts
  • Blog Related Posts

WooCommerce Integrated modules :

  • WC Layout Plus
  • WC Quick view
  • WC Ajax add to cart
  • WC Off-Canvas Filters
  • WC Checkout Optimization

Suki Pro also features the most Powerful modules when it comes to features, Suki comes with the most advanced features and offers more options to customize and transform your website.

With the premium feature they offer, you can manipulate your website designs and functionalities in all aspects.

It makes available header elements plus. It makes it easier to build an advanced and stunning header layout and add additional elements to your project. For example, it makes provision for adding two headers like two menus, HTML, and buttons and contact links.

It also promotes the performance of WooCommerce search.

Suki Features.

Suki comes with the best features, and that makes it popular.

It offers complete typography control regarding the post title, headings, content paragraph, menu, and button and sidebar. In addition, it can make for any other elements and footer.

They make available to your 900 free fonts and also presents different kinds of settings which include thin, italic, bold, and upper-case settings, it also makes for settings with font size, line height, and better spacing.

Furthermore, Suki Pro is available with the theme, which is the premium plugin. It extends the functionality in lots of ways.

Suki Pricing?

They provide different pricing options, and they include the following:

Suki Free :

Suki Free does not cost you any dime. It offers you one thousand and more design options. It is lightweight and can load very fast.

The free suki theme is also search engine optimized and comes with WooCommerce integration and free access to basic demos.

Suki Pro essential :

The Pro Essential costs $59 annually, and it comes with all suki free features plus additional features. In addition, they provide one-year priority support.

Suki Pro Design :

The Pro Design costs $79 annually. It comes with all features available at the lower levels and additional features. These are the most advanced features that are available with the platform.

Suki Lifetime :

They also offer a lifetime plan for the Pro Essential $249 and Pro Design $299 include a 14 days moneyback guarantee.

Which Page builder works best with suki?

These page builders can work very well with the suki Theme. You can design your page according to the various page builders we have below.

Here are some of the best free compatible page builders available that work best with Suki, and they include the following;

These are high-quality page builders, and they are all great.

You can choose any of them based on what you want to build and the type of look you want for your website. Brizy and Divi builder is one of the best, and many people rate them very high.

We highly recommend trying these two best page builders, and If you want to know more about the best WordPress page builders. we do have an article just click the link to know more.

How Suki works with Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the Advanced of Suki features, and it is a perfect integration feature. It makes for speed and design flexibility.

The model is also conversion-focused. Because of the integration features, it makes it possible to earn more when you make a sale.

WooCommerce Integration Modules :

  • WC Layout Plus
  • WC Quick View
  • WC Ajax add to cart
  • WC off-canvas filters

Suki Main Competitors?

Suki has other competitors in the industry, Though it has an edge in several aspects. When it comes to performance and fastness.

The major competitors in the business include :

These are just a few of them, and there are several others. In addition, you can learn more about our best free WordPress themes. These themes are great themes for WordPress, and they are good in their rights. They have almost the same features.

If you choose any related themes, they can serve your purpose. When it comes to fastness, flexibility, ease of use, and customization, these themes are great.


Lightweight and easy to use.

Comes with many new features.

Highly customizable.

Some people consider the cost high.

Suki Support.

The company provides contact information. There are different ways you can contact them when you have an problem. Write them, and they respond within the shortest possible time.

You can reach the vibrant user community when you have a technical issue. Contact them through their phone number and email address. They also provide a contact form you can use to contact them.

Suki Speed and Performance.

Suki is the fastest WordPress theme in the market today. When it comes to loading speed, hardly any other can compare with it.

Suki's theme might be small and lightweight, but it performs above its competitors when it comes to performance.

The most outstanding aspect of the Suki theme is the Suki Pro. It makes available to you more than four hundred new options that you can choose.

The four hundred new options it makes available do not constitute any hindrance to your website. Instead of being a hindrance, it can enhance the site's performance.

It enables more features and more options, and it means that you can do many things with the theme at the same fast rate.

Suki is fast and performs better because it does not use jQuery. Instead, they use the fast and most reliable Vanilla JS, which is fast and makes for better resources management.

In addition, all the enabled modules can load very fast, and it keeps your memory usage in a premium condition.


Suki is the most advanced and fastest WordPress theme. It can perform very well and do better than most of its competitors. It comes with different options, and you can customize it to serve your needs.

We highly recommend trying the suki Pro for any project, whether it is a blog, online store, or landing page.

Suki Pricing is the most competitive for what they offer in the pro version.

You get all the tools required to build a fantastic website without coding.

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