Automizy Review.

Pricing : 200 contacts $9.00/MO
Automizy is one of the most powerful email marketing tool for small and medium businesses and It increase email open rates.



Automizy offers a pricing of $9, for 200 active Subscribers. Free trial 14 days.



The interface are easy to set up.



You can get help, 24/7 to solve you problems.


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Every business depends on email for the growth of their contact lists, sales, and transformation.

If you are a startup or a small and medium business owner, In this Automizy review, you will find out why you require software like Automizy for your email marketing journey.

What is Automizy?

Automizy is a powerful email marketing tool, makes for medium and small businesses to send emails to customers and prospective customers. It enhances the email opening rate.

Automizy is located in New York, United States of America, and their development HQ is in Hungary.

Automizy is an email marketing system designed to increase your mail opening rates and the software is cloud-based, and it can assist businesses.

The interface is simple and easy to open. With Automizy, you can do a lot of things that can prosper your business, such as growing your contact list, as well as the creation of responsive email and build email automation that can engage with your clients.

Automizy makes it easy to segment your contact and to deliver target content.

You can do all these without having the necessary technical skills. This email marketing tool targets making their marketers make better marketing decisions based on knowledge and data.

Automizy does not only help reach out to your campaign targets. It can help to promote your goods and services. You can rely on this platform to send offers as well as engage with your targeted audience. It makes it easy to organize and personalize your emails as well as form customizable templates.

Automizy Email Marketing tools and services.

  • Email marketing automation.

The system works through an email automation system. What makes it easy?

Automizy email automation system sends emails to users based on rules already set out.

The system makes it possible to send emails to your contact list. Using Automation, it is easy to set up your marketing campaign quickly. It works wonders if you know the triggers and actions as well as the conditions. If you know how to set it, it can work very well for you.

Email marketing also works through a visual automation builder, and this comes with a series of boxes, and in each of these boxes are trigger actions.

They are designed in a way that can assist you to achieve your goals. In all, there are eight triggers available, and you can choose from them. All that you can do is fill up the box.

With Automizy, you can design your email through a visual Drag and Drop builder. It also uses artificial intelligence. This platform is helpful in lots of ways.

Organizations can benefit from it because Automizy makes it easy for businesses to design their personalized emails adopting customizable templates.

The visual automation builder tool makes that customization simple and easy.

Furthermore, the platform uses AI, which is artificial intelligence technology. These tools make it possible for marketers and other professionals in that area to forecast the analyze the impact of such email subject lines, Besides you can use Automizy for purposes like scheduling, behavior tracking, contact management, as well as data import and data export.

Organizations can benefit from it because Automizy makes it easy for businesses to design their personalized emails adopting customizable templates.

The visual automation builder tool makes that customization simple and easy.

Furthermore, the platform uses AI, which is artificial intelligence technology. These tools make it possible for marketers and other professionals in that area to forecast the analyze the impact of such email subject lines, Besides you can use Automizy for purposes like scheduling, behavior tracking, contact management, as well as data import and data export.

  • Contact generation.

Contact generation is also possible. It works with other devices, which can help you to generate lists of contacts.

The contact generation tools here include :

  • Wishlist member
  • Beacon
  • Fluent forms
  • Group boss
  • Opti monk

It is also compatible with Unbouncy and green forms.

The integration system is one of the great features. It makes it possible to integrate third-party apps. It also adds to its features and makes it more functional.

It makes the email campaign efforts to be more fruitful. Because of the unique integration features, it is compatible with other apps.

  • Analytics.

Through the analytics tracking method, your email campaign efforts will become more meaningful.

You can track your efforts to improve your results. The system comes with a tool that makes it easy to get insights into your performance.

These analytics features cover a lot of things, and these include campaign analytics, automation analytics as well as form analytics and email performance metrics, and more, through the analytic tools, you can understand customers' behavior and how they are clocking, and the reason why they are not clocking.

The system comes with beautiful graphs and refinement options.

Using the Automizy Analytics tool, you can choose from dates and narrow down your current progress over time analytic, and you can refine your email campaign.

You can visit a website so that you can generate more subscribers in the process, it can increase your reach for Conversion.

Automizy is the best for small businesses. If you are looking for startup and marketing consultations, you can always use this software to promote your businesses.

Agencies and bloggers can benefit from it.

The system makes available eight triggers, and you can choose between them.

There is the contact joining list and filling a sign-up form, and getting a tag as well as celebrating an anniversary, the opening of the email and landing on your website as well as landing to third party solutions.

These solutions are possible because of the integration features.

  • Integration.

The system also makes it possible for the integration of third-party apps. It makes for more functionality.

There are lots of apps that you can integrate into the system that can make it function very well and can enhance your sales.

Here are some of the features you can easily integrate here.

With the contact generation app, it is easier to get more contacts who are your future customers and current customers, you can integrate and work with the contacts. Some of the apps that make for integration include:

  • Elementor
  • Wishlist member
  • Beacon
  • Fluent Forms
  • Groupboss
  • optinmonk
  • Unbounce
  • GreenForms

To enhance your sales, you can integrate with the following apps, which include:

  • Silfer bots
  • Slaestools
  • Hyperise
  • Agiled
  • Inbox ads
  • Retargetkit

The same thing applies to the automation apps:

  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Integrately
  • Pabbly Connect

There are other ways Automizy can promote your sales services.

Email verification is done through clearout and verifybee.

It is compatible with Cart2wp for e-commerce.

You can easily import contact in three different ways. The first is that you can choose to add these contacts manually.

If you do not want to get this option, you can do it through a CSV file.

Once you have all the contact, then you can start doing business, and this means that you can begin to send the emails to your audience.

If on the other hand, you do not have contacts already, then the system will come to your help, You can create your contact list by using the Automizy forms as well as integration. It can begin that process once, and it will keep growing.

With the contact integration feature, a lot of other things will not become possible, and this includes responsive landing pages and responsive signup forms.

You need this form to generate new contacts if you do not already have one. You use the CSV import to import contacts and add them to the platform. Contact management also helps you to manage and profitably organize the contact list.

Automizy Public API and Webhook.

The public API rests on API and webhook features.

  • Rest API.

Automizy works with different APIs, and one of them is the public API. It is a programming interface. It is there to help to realize your campaign.

The design is such that you can meet the requirements and constraints of REST.

  • Webhook.

These automated messages or data are sent. The data or message is sent from the app, and it does not go on its own. Something must always prompt it, and it occurs when something happens.

This message is sent to a unique URL of your choice. It means that you have to select the URL to which you want the email to go.

The email is automated. When there is something new, the email is posted. It can accept JSON and data to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

Automizy Core Features.

Automizy aims to enhance your opening rate. There are lots of features that can enhance the opening rate, and they include:

  • Automation Features
  • Campaign analytics
  • Email performance metrics
  • Form analysis

These features are important because it makes it possible to follow analytics on all campaigns and forms form. With the key metric reports, you can promote your sales. These can enhance your email clicking features to promote your services.

Analytics is indispensable because it comes with beautiful graphs as well as refinements. It helps to monitor and organize your campaign and monitor the result over time.

It is good because it can help to refine your campaign and, in the end, you would be able to generate more subscribers. It can also help to increase the reach level.

Furthermore, it comes with the A/B testing, which is necessary for your subject lines, and it comes with the full report. With this, it is possible to know which subject lines are included.

When the information you need is made available to you, it is easy to monitor your performance. Furthermore, Automizy makes it possible to expand your email campaign. There are also unlimited users as well as unlimited sub accounts.

What is Automizy email verification?

Email verification in Automizy is easy. It involves just a four steps process.

The first thing to do to verify that account is to connect the account you want to verify and after verification, add those email lists you want to become part of what you want to verify.

Moreover, you can then verify the email lists and export the verified results. This way you have verified those emails that you want to use.

When you have done the email verification, it is going to help you in lots of ways because it can accelerate your marketing campaign efforts.

This system connects to the apps mentioned above, which can assist in both email validation and verification. It can also help your campaign efforts since you can track your performance in real-time.

Using Automizy is pretty easier to track your email campaign.

Automizy Main Competitors?

Automizy platform is not the only provider in that industry.

There are several alternatives out there which include:

  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant contact
  • Convertkit
  • Drip
  • Sendinblue

All these providers serve the same purpose. You can choose any of them if you are feeling disappointed by one of the providers.

There are many more and We do have an article on the best Email Marketing software, platform, and services for 2021. Check it out here to have a better idea on the Email Marketing Services out there.


Increases your open rate.

Easy visual automation builder.

A/B test automated emails.

Email templates and automation blueprints.

There is no free version.

There is no landing page feature.

Automizy Pricing.

Automizy does not offer a free basic version. However, their products are affordable, and the price starts from $9.

It comes with great features at an affordable rate, like the visual automation feature builder and integration and API analytics. It makes it possible to create unlimited users as well as unlimited sub accounts.

If you want to migrate from other accounts, it is done at no charge.

Automizy makes things possible for you to promote your email campaign, and it offers a 14-day free trial.

It is good as it enables you to try the platform to know how it works.

Automizy Support.

Automizy offers support. The team is dedicated, and they are always on standby to solve your problems.

They attempt to assist you to have an increased open rate. The support language is English, and you can always reach the technical support center whenever you need that. You can visit the center for relevant information.

They have different sections here, which include the content section as well as the frequently asked question section These can help you solve urgent problems at hand.

Apart from that, you can send them messages, and they can respond to you 24/7.


Automizy is a reputable email marketing system.

It can help you to promote your sales by improving the email opening rate. The platform is there to help you make your email marketing efforts to be responsive.

Feel free check out our article on best Email Marketing Software and platform for 2021.

Let us know!

What is the best Email Marketing software and platform do you Use for your Marketing journey?

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