19 Best Freelance Graphic And Web Design Websites In 2023.

Are you a graphic & web designer looking for a great work-from-home position. Artwork, free graphics, or adding text via the Bonfire design platform.
Best Freelance Graphic and Web Design Websites


The best business ideas are born at the intersection of passion, skills, strategic thinking – and timing.

Last year, it might have looked like a great time to open that fancy Crossfit microbrewery. But good thing you didn’t, as you’d have been shuttered for most of 2020. The landscape is changing rapidly as businesses move online.

In fact, social distancing and COVID-19 accelerated the growth of online shopping by 4-6 years. That’s why many business ideas in this article are low-cost, COVID-proof online businesses that you can start from home.

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What Is the Best Graphic And Web Design Business Platform?

I started this blog as a small business idea to make money online.

In this guide, we’ll cover business ideas to help you start brainstorming your next entrepreneurial venture. Whether you want to start a part-time side hustle or full-time operation, this guide is for you.

Let’s get started..

See Below The Best Graphic and Web Design Business Platform out there:

Simply put, 99designs does design. Now, you can get just about anything designed, from signage to marketing emails, but in this review, we’re going to focus on the logos.

There are no non-design-related services like printing; you get design, and that’s it.

It’s available in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, several other European languages, and Japanese.You can theoretically use any language in your logo that you can input into a text field, if the designers on the other end have the right fonts installed.

Where it gets really interesting is when the time comes to pay for everything. By “interesting,” I mean “comparatively expensive. 99designs ’ packages and plans are generous, and the higher-priced options come with lots of personal attention, but you’ve got to have enough cash under your mattress.

A lot of other logo design services will give you more or less the same service, but for cheaper. And of course, you could always just hire a designer on Fiverr for as little as $5.


Speaking (however briefly) of distinct design services, it should be noted that 99designs offers a lot more than just logos.You can get websites and apps, all kinds of packaging, book and magazine covers, clothing, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.If it can be designed, someone here will design it for you.


How Affordable is 99design?

Compared to hiring a big-name designer or agency, 99designs is fairly cheap. Compared to similar services on the internet, it’s… not.Their packages cost double or more than some of the competition depending on the packages, services, and add-ons. From the perspective of the designers, this is fantastic. From the perspective of clients, it’s something to think about carefully.

  • Bronze : $299
  • Silver : $499
  • Gold :$899


Note that while the email support runs more or less 24/7, phone support is confined to fairly standard business hours for the region you’re calling.

There’s a fairly extensive and helpful wiki/knowledge base.You can navigate straight to it, but it can also be accessed by the little Help button in the lower left corner on just about any page. You can search all of their articles right there for in-context help. That’s actually where I got a fair bit of the information I needed for this review.

Today, Fiverr is probably the largest marketplace for online services in the world. However, you might have heard about some people being dissatisfied with their experience on this platform.

It sounds a little like a paradox:

Despite being the most popular destination for freelance services, Fiverr is in fact not for everyone.

In order to get the most out of this platform, there’s a couple of things you should know– regardless of whether you intend to buy or sell.

What is Fiverr Key difference vs other Platforms?

Fiverr is not an ordinary freelancer marketplace. So, in order to use it effectively, we must first understand how it works and why it’s different.

As a warm-up, here’s just a couple of facts to illustrate the real size and scope of Fiverr’s platform:

Quite impressive indeed! What’s even more interesting is that Fiverr has been able to grow this huge thanks to just three ideas; they sound obvious in retrospect but were quite unique back in 2010:

  • “Service as a Product”– a novel approach to standardizing freelancer services, including the price, the scope, and duration of work. Buyers were instantly in love with the way Fiverr made their lives easier.

  • Standardization allowed to switch to the model where work comes to freelancers, not vice-versa. In other words, buyers are encouraged to find what they need by exploring Fiverr’s vast catalog with the help of sophisticated filters.

How to buy Services on Fiverr?

Of course, you can’t realistically price every conceivable service for $5 and expect decent quality – so over the years Fiverr has evolved:

The $5 requirement was relaxed to make room for better and more diverse offers. Freelancers could now charge more for more complex services, but efficiency and low prices were still a priority.

Going a step further,Fiverr Pro was introduced as a collection of the best freelancers, hand-picked and pre-verified by the Fiverr staff.

Despite all that, the basic principles of Fiverr we mentioned earlier remain the same to this day – standardizing services, encouraging discovery, and maintaining huge variety.

Upwork is one of the oldest and most popular freelance marketplaces that connects millions of employers and independent contractors from all over the world.

Before the huge M&A deal in 2015 Upwork was known as two different freelance platforms: eLance and oDesk.

Upwork is the perfect example of what the modern market of freelance marketplaces calls a «generic bidding marketplace». And although this model proves to be popular for some, throughout the years both freelancers who get jobs from Upwork and clients who want to hire remote or part-time employees have discovered that it also has some flows.

How it work?

Upwork is a generic bidding freelance marketplace of non-vetted freelancers.

Whew! Sounds complex, right? Let’s translate that definition to human language.

So, Upwork website is a freelance marketplace — this means they serve as a place where employers, who need to hire someone to do work for them, can find the independent contractors looking for jobs.

Upwork freelancers can do any kind of work that can be done remotely — they are no other limits. That makes Upwork a generic freelance platform. Some of the platforms on the market today are specialized, meaning that they only work with one or several types of freelancers.

Upwork Pros:

  • Most Popular Platform on the Web
  • Huge selection of skills
  • Lower Prices
  • Secure Payment

Upwork Cons:

  • High Competition
  • Non Vetted Freelancer

Monster is a global leader in connecting people and jobs. Every day, Monster aims to make every workplace happier and more productive by transforming the way employers and candidates find the right fit.

For 25 years, Monster has worked to transform the recruiting industry. Today, the company leverages advanced technology using intelligent digital, social and mobile solutions, including the flagship website Monster.com®, Monster’s innovative app, and a vast array of products and services.

Hubstaff talent is the free place where the world's proper note workers get hired every day thousands of clients search hub staff talents for talented freelancers and agencies Unlike other job sites.

Hub staff talent is not about gig instead focused on helping you find consistent reliable and meaningful, remote work companies can browse your profile and get in touch directly so you don't have to waste your time submitting resumes or bidding against low-cost providers.

Joining is free work directly with the employer so there are no restrictions and how you get paid and did I mention there are no fees you keep 100% of the amount you charge gets started in Minutes create your free profile update your skills resume and portfolio and wait for companies to contact you and pay you directly.

Hub staff talent has thousands of remote startups software companies, agencies and eCommerce businesses that are looking for talent.

Behance is an online design portfolio and exploration platform it's owned by Adobe. It's a great place to explore and find other designers and post up your work.

Behance is fantastic for featuring a case studies more in-depth information about your work's easily customizable you don't just upload one simple little shot and then you're done.

You can put multiple images, stitch them together, add text animations and drop in prototypes from Adobe XD so there are all these robust tools and features and abilities for you to showcase your work that it lends itself a lot better to case studies portfolio pieces and kind of demonstrations of your projects.

The thing that I love about Behance is it's available to everybody, It's free to create a Behance account anybody can start their portfolio right there.

I strongly recommend people if they're just starting in the design industry and they don't have any sort of portfolio Behance can very much feel like a robust portfolio if you're just starting another thing.

Behance is the variety of stuff that you will find. It's not just UI design, It's animation, motion graphics, illustration and architecture.

There's so much stuff you can find on Behance there's no formula or cookie-cutter shape that you need to fit into to be on Behance and promote your work it's kind of no-holds-barred, that's fun.

Behance is great if you want to build a portfolio build a presence for yourself I would even recommend to young designers who are just starting.

Who doesn't have their domain don't have their portfolio go online and try Behance.

Shutterstock is an online marketplace for all kinds of business can quickly and legally licensed millions upon millions of high-quality photos videos illustrations and even music,

In a world where we're constantly hearing about the importance of digital and especially mobile advertising, it's more important than ever the company's be able to create ads that look good.

Shutterstock makes it incredibly easy to find the kind of stock footage or imagery that you're searching.

Founded in 2010, Freepik is another great Marketplace where designer can sell there Contents like illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentations templates.

Over 4,5 millions graphic resources and 18 million monthly unique users. Freepik is the fastest growing starts-up, 100 million monthly download.

Freepik has categorized all assets into 4 main categories: Vectors, PSD Files, Icons, and Stock Photos.

You will also find many subcategories that will help you narrow your search. Some of the most popular categories of graphic resources are: Background, Logo, Business card, Infographic, Banner, Pattern, Brochure, Frame, Flyer and more.

Vecteezy is a platform that offers millions of free vector graphics contributed by artists from all over the world. Being such a big community of vector designers, Vecteezy adds fresh content each day and provides you with high-quality freebies.

Vecteezy has a huge diversity of resources categorized into sections like Backgrounds, Icons, Elements, Patterns, Food, Plant, Animals, Nature and more.

The browsing options allow you to filter your results by license type, orientation, best match or newest results.

You can also use tags to search specific graphics. If you are a contributor, you need to tag your resources relevantly.

Dreamstime is a stock photo agency with almost 15 years in the industry.

Being one of the early players in the microstock business, they forged a great reputation and are amongst the top companies in the space.

Dreamstime have a tiered royalty system in place for all sales. This system rewards files that are good sellers, meaning once a particular file hits the higher ranks, you get more money.

There are 6 tiers: 0 – 5. Each file starts out on tier 1, and if it doesn’t have any sales in 6 months it will drop to zero. This may seem complicated but it is actually not too hard to get files to progress to the highest levels.

You just need to have an idea of what sells. And avoid submitting too many similar images, as you will compete with yourself.

It is worth noting that these tiers do not affect the basic monthly subscription royalty. This is always 35 cents. That’s actually not bad, seeing many agencies start you off at around 25 cents until you have risen through the ranks.

Dreamstime have a partnership with Google, which leads to bulk sales added to your account occasionally. It’s not a massive windfall, but it is impressive that Google chose Dreamstime over all the other agencies out there to deal with.

The other nice thing is that the deal is fair on contributors. Dreamstime supported its photographers and illustrators – another great sign in a company.

Zeerk is a micro jobs site where freelancers specializing in various different fields come together and present their skills to be used and employed by those who need them.

These services are priced reasonably by the service providers and jobs vary from costing as low as $4 to as high as $200 for a single job depending on the expertise, job description and value of the job provided.

The working method on Zeerk is very simple.

You as a Service providers can sell your skills and services at Zeerk for free, while buyers interested in hiring any of your services, will first need to search the entire job list for any freelancer who fits his/her criteria of required services.

You will register for a free account on Zeerk.

Buyer will purchase the required service after agreeing on a price and once confirmation is sent the seller starts with the job.

Once the job is completed You as the seller will deliver the job to the buyer, which he/she will collect and accept from the seller. As soon as the job is accepted, the payment for the hired service is paid, which shows in the account of the seller in the form of virtual cash.

This cash can be withdrawn from the account by the seller through different ways that include transferring the amount to a Paypal account.

Feel free to check zeerk, and start your online business.

Since launching in 2008, crowdspring has helped to democratize design around the world.

Over 220,000 crowdspring creatives from 195 countries have helped more than 60,000 of the world’s best entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, and non-profits with logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and naming.

You can Join crowdspring as a creative.

They pay out millions of dollars in awards to designers and writers around the world. Designers and namers receive 100% of the awards posted by clients. Their fees are paid separately by clients.

They never hide how much you’ll receive or how much a client will pay for their project.

If you are talented, you can do really well on crowdspring.

Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. The dream was simple. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations.

Today, Redbubble has over 700,000 artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans.

Redbubble is a print on demand platform and a marketplace.

There's a couple of other benefits to Redbubble, one is that you are able to sell internationally. Redbubble ships and prints internationally so your customer base or your potential customer base is huge with Redbubble and the store itself is quite large, they get millions of visitors every month.

Create designs and upload them, you can put them on all the products or just some of the products.

Start uploading your designs create your store and when someone place the order to your store, Redbubble will print your design on that product and deliver to your customer and pay you your commission.

If you want create vinyl stickers with your artwork you can do it or if you want to make your artwork available on many different products you can also do that and one of the cool things about RedBubble is, once you have a little experience you can create artwork for real brands.

Spoonflower is an online marketplace for custom fabrics, Wallpapers and wrapping papers. Which have repeat patterns of all kinds of sizes, colors and designs on them.

The printing processes with more eco-friendly water-based paints and dyes. The concept is that they created a marketplace where different designers and repeat pattern, Artists can upload their work and make it available for sale.

Each designer receives a small commission if every time the design is sold on a fabric or other products.

Freelancer.com is an online job marketplace that provides a means for clients and freelancers around the globe to collaborate for mutual benefit. Individuals or businesses in need of skilled help for short or long-term projects can post those projects and allow freelancers to submit bids for the completion of the work.

How does it works?

  • Post a Project or Contest.

Simply post a project or contest for what you need done and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.

  • Choose your Freelancer.

Browse freelancer profiles. Chat in real-time. Compare proposals and select the best one. Award your project and your freelancer starts work.

  • Pay when you're satisfied.

Pay securely using our Milestone Payment system. Release payments when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.

  • Safe and Secure.

Freelancer.com is a community that values your trust and safety as their number one priority. They Provide a 24/7 support and assist you with any issues.

Freelancer is free to sign up, create a profile, select skills of projects you are interested in, upload a portfolio, receive project notifications, discuss project details with the employer, bid on projects (free members receive initially 6 bids per month) and enter contests.

If you need more info, please check out Freelancer.com and have a try.

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

How to get hire at Toptal?

Each applicant to the Toptal network must pass a screening process designed to measure subject matter expertise, professionalism, and communication skills. The full screening process takes between 2-5 weeks to complete.

  • Language and Personality

The first step of the screening process is a comprehensive English language and communication interview evaluation. They also assess personality traits, looking for candidates who are passionate and fully engaged in their work.

  • In-Depth Skill Review

They also test each applicant's technical knowledge and problem-solving ability through various assessments. Every member of the Toptal network is an expert in their domain, and They typically only advance candidates with exceptional results in this phase.

  • Live Screening

Each candidate is interviewed by Toptal screeners who are experts in their functional domain. Their screeners provide specific live exercises, looking for problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, and creativity.

  • Test Projects

Each candidate is assigned a test project to evaluate whether they can "walk the walk." Test projects take 1-3 weeks are comprehensive and provide real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity.

  • Continued Excellence

Members of the Toptal network maintain a track record of excellence while working with clients. As a quality-first company, Their focus is on the top for talent and the top for clients, and this principle permeates through to every engagement and every delivered project.

Founded in 2007 with a simple vision to connect clients to freelancers and empower people to live their work dream. Still founder owned and led — and the longest running freelance service in the UK.

So far PeoplePerHour connected over 1 million clients and freelancers and paid over £100 million to freelancers.

How to join PeoplePerHour freelance community?

Complete an online application to join the exclusive PeoplePerHour freelancer community. Every application is reviewed and approved by their moderation team, ensuring only the best freelancers are matched to client projects.

Once approved, you’ll gain access to a stream of projects from their international client community.

Now you’re ready to provide your services to thousands of business. Try PeoplePerHour for a Freelance experience.

Truelancer.com is an Online Platform for Employers to Hire Professionals to get their work done and Freelancers and Professionals can Search Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the world.

Clients can find Developers, Designers, Content Writers, Virtual Assistants, Mobile App Developer and many other professionals.

Projects on various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more can be posted and found on Truelancer.com.

Truelancer has been around for quite some time and has built a strong reputation for itself as a seamless way to find and hire freelancing jobs in the shortest time possible.

Creating an account, finding work or posting a project is free of cost on Truelancer.com.

It is a good platform to work with. You can find your own job without any interview. All projects funds are pre deposit and will transfer to your account whenever you finished your project.

OutSourcely now has more than 250,000 fully-vetted remote workers from more than 130 countries in their database. Their primary focus is their “Search and Hire” platform, which allows business owners to search their database of virtual assistants and make contact with a VA best suited to their requirements.

If you want to find long-term remote job, Look no further! Companies on OutSourcely are posting jobs daily, as well as searching through individual profiles that meet their skill and work experience requirements.

You can easily register for Full-time or Part-time job as Remote-Worker by creating a Profile with Outsourcely

and find a Great Remote Job In Every Industry.

From large to small startups, remote workers are finding reliable long-term employment in every industry and company size.

Connect with startups hiring remotely in 5 simple steps:

  • Create Your Profile
  • Have Your Profile Discovered
  • Apply for Remote Jobs
  • Receive Direct Communication (Via Chat or Email).
  • Get Paid Directly

With OutSourcely Every Remote-Worker receive 100% of their Total Salary.

Simply Produce a profile that showcases your education, work experience (reliability), best skills and illustrates your superior communications abilities.


If You need more Experience with OutSourcely, Give it a Try.

Summing it up

This was my list of the best Platforms. Where you can work from home and earn revenue as a Graphic and Web Designer.

As there are a lots of options out there, I’ve condensed the list down to the very best so that you can choose the option that is right for you.

If you want to sell products online, check out my best ecommerce platforms for small businesses. And if you just need to make Web page, read my article on best WordPress page builders.

Which one of these Platforms are you planning to use, and why?

Let me know by commenting below.


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