Blocksy Theme Review.

Pricing : Free-$49/Annual
Blocksy is an Innovative and high Performance Free WordPress Theme.



Blocksy comes with a free WordPress Download, and the Premium starts At $49 Annually.



The interface is easy to use without coding skills.



The average estimated answer time is 24 hours or less.


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Blocksy Theme Overview.

Blocksy is one of the most reliable WordPress themes. The platform is lightweight and has fantastic features. All the options are great, and you can use them for different purposes, Even if you want to create a new blog or build an eCommerce online store.

Blocksy is the go-to theme for blogs and eCommerce if you are building in the WordPress ecosystem.

It is a multipurpose theme that you can comfortably use to design and create a landing page and make a website for different businesses. Even corporate bodies can rely on this theme.

It offers everything for everybody, and it helps to stand out your business. Blocksy theme is different since it is highly innovative and fast.

Fastness means that pages can load fast. You can comfortably use this on a mobile device as well as a desktop and tablet.

It comes with everything you want especially the interface. It makes it easier to create different platforms using the theme. The system is also easy to use.

There are at least three features about this theme that make it different from others out there.

The three most outstanding features include the:

  1. Fast performance.
  2. Ready-made designs which you can choose from.
  3. Customization features.

If you are talking about customization, you discover that Blocksy is using Gutenberg block editor. It has changed the traditional way of doing websites, and this theme is one of the best, and it is easy to use.

The creation method available here is more powerful, and it is more user-friendly. Beginners will not find it hard to use this platform.

If you are looking for the best and the most innovative creation platform. It can integrate with other block editors without difficulties.

If you want to get the best, you have to look at the core features that Blocksy come with, because it determines what you can do with the theme.

Blocksy theme offers several already layout options for those that want to do blog posts and others who want to customize their site pages.

Furthermore, it makes it easier to insert your Google Analytics, code, and links to the social media profiles.

What is Blocksy?

Blocksy is one of the Famous WordPress themes for its fastness and lightweight use.

It is built-in with the most innovative web technology, and you can use it for different purposes. Page builders consider it because of the compatibility. It is reliable, fast and it is built-in to work best with WP page builders such as Brizy, beaver builder, and Gutenberg.

Where did Blocksy come From?

Blocksy theme was a creation of two enthusiasts developers, Which are Andrei and Sergiu, who are two friends. Who decided to create a lightweight theme to speed up the creation process with no dependencies.

Which technology do they use to Build Blocksy theme?

This platform was designed with web technologies such as webpack, react, and babel. It is not surprising that it is lightning fast.

Because of that, it features a compact codebase. Blocksy theme is part of Gutenberg WordPress theme, and it comes with all the customization needed to stay fast and perform well.


Blocksy Starter Sites.

Blocksy makes it easy for beginners to import any of the starter sites, and these are available on the Blocksy website.

It is easy to import, and it is a question of a few clicks. The starter sites come with everything you need for the pages and the most appropriate theme options and settings for the theme options.

Simply, go to the Blocksy dashboard in WordPress, select the starter sites, and choose the appropriate template you want, and click the install button.

Several starter sites are available, and you have access to them when you install the plugin in WordPress. These sites are already predesigned, and the styles are also set up so that you do not need to spend your time on them.

In stock as of now include four new starter sites, and these sites, are compatible with Gutenberg, Brizy, and Elementor page builder plugin.

Blocksy Theme Pricing and Plans.


Blocksy Theme Annual Plan


Personal : $49/yr.

Professional : $69/yr.

Agency : $99/yr.

Dedicated HDD Hosting Plan


Personal : $149/ 1 Site Licence.

Professional : $199/ 5 sites License.

Agency : $299/ Unlimited license.

The platform has at least three pricing systems that you can select from, The basic is just $49, and the professional plan is good for online business, and the cost of the plan is $69, and the last is the agency plans, and the cost for this is $99.

What is Blocksy Companion?

Blocksy companion is a plugin that turns blocksy into a Powerful Swiss army knife. When installing and activate Blocksy companion brings more features like:

  • Starter Sites library
  • Extension Ecosystem
  • Performance options
  • More header builder features

The minimum requirements include 5.0 or greater than that and PHP version 7.0 or more.

How to Install Blocksy Companion?

Go to WordPress dashboard from side bar Click Appearance > Theme > Add New.

Type in Blocksy in the search bar. Once the search results pop up, click on the Blocksy theme > Install and activate.

Once you have Installed the Blocksy Theme, A small pop-up will appear, inviting you to install the Blocksy Companion plugin.

The Blocksy Companion plugin adds a lot of features to Blocksy such as access to our custom extensions the ability to import Starter Sites and many other awesome features.

The Blocksy Companion plugin adds a lot of features to Blocksy such as access to our custom extensions the ability to import Starter Sites and many other awesome features.

Click on the Install Blocksy Companion button to continue installing the Companion plugin.

After the plugin is done installing, you’ll be invited to register your Blocksy theme

and enable automatic updates.

Which Page builder works best with Blocksy?

Blocksy works with different page builders. It can work best with Brizy. It can also work with other page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg as well as Beaver Builder.

Blocksy Theme Main Competitors?

Blocksy has other competitors in the market.

The most popular competitors include the following:

We do have an article on the best WordPress Theme for 2021. Check it out here to have a better idea on the best WordPress Theme that will fits your requirement.

How Blocksy works with WooCommerce?

Blocksy has made for a Wonderful integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

The theme is one hundred percent compatible with WooCommerce, and it comes with other features, and it is full design integration and customization, Furthermore, you can make any integration you want. All you need to do is to install the WooCommerce plugin from the repository.

In terms of the WooCommerce option, this platform comes with extra features that help to make a standout store. Clients would be able to use the quick view feature and observe the product and include it on the cart, and that is possible without going through the individual product page

Furthermore, it is compatible with AJAX add-to-cart feature as well as another gallery layout. The most interesting thing here is that it makes it easy to make your products more appealing. It makes it possible to construct an online store that is simple and easy to use.

It is not only simple, it is straightforward. With Blocksy, it is easy to build any kind of website of your choice.


Blocksy is lightning fast


Highy Customizable

Ease of use

Offer Lifetime License

Premium Plugins are little too pricey.

Blocksy Theme Support.

Blocksy offers support in different ways. If you want to contact their support team, you can submit a ticket and detail your problems. Furthermore, they make available a knowledge base where you can study everything about the system, and there are the requested feature and video tutorials that guide.

When it comes to supporting, you can get help from the platform when the need for that arises. Check the forum platform on the repository page of that page.

It comes with extensive documentation, and this covers everything you need to know about this platform. If you check the documentation, you can see that most of the questions you are confused about are provided here.

If on the other hand that you require specific help, you can reach out to the support forum, and you can also submit a ticket. When you submit a ticket, help will come your way in a short time.

Furthermore, if you consult the official site, there is a video tutorial as well as an active Facebook community where you can get help from other people that know more about the services.

Blocksy Performance.

When it comes to speed and loading time, Blocksy theme is one of the lighter and the most reliable than most similar WordPress themes. It comes with the most innovative features.

The page speed can load fast. It is indeed faster than another WordPress theme that you can ever think of today.

When it comes to performance, Blocksy Theme is the best, and the fastness is attributed to the compatibility with other Gutenberg blocks and editors. It comes with everything you want, and you can customize it to suit your different purposes.


If you are looking for the most effective WordPress theme, you can choose the Blocksy theme right now. It comes with everything you want. This platform is fast and highly reliable. It is also customizable. Very easy to use, the platform comes with the best page builders.

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