Brizy Review.

Pricing : Free-$199
Brizy is a WordPress Page Builder and a CMS built based on React; it is a new, easy and innovative way of building websites.



Brizy page builder has a free option; there is also the Brizy Pro option which currently has three pricing plans.



Clutter-Free and Intuitive, does not need coding skills or any web design to use.



You can get help from their help center and through submitting a ticket, Quick respond.


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Brizy Overview

Brizy is relatively new; it was released in April 2018 by a famous company known as ThemeFuse.

Despite being unique in this field, Brizy has grown in popularity and has already garnered over 50,000 active installations on its free version. Thus, Brizy delivers excellent performance, and its future is promising.

The most beautiful thing about Brizy is that it uses react technology; therefore, it has an intuitive and pretty user interface. It also tends some unique features which are not in other page builders of the same kind. Though there are other giants in this market like Divi builder and Beaver Builder, Brizy is growing and advancing rapidly.

Brizy shows a promising future, but it will have to develop more fascinating features to compete with those giants on the same level. This Brizy review aims at looking how it works.

What is Brizy?

Brizy is a WordPress Page Builder built based on React; it is a new, easy and innovative way of building websites using WordPress. The Brizy Plugin lets its user create modern, beautiful pages without hiring a professional touching code and spending money to buy those beautiful templates.

The use of brizy builder is simple and straightforward; a user needs to choose a layout, edit it through dragging, and remove some elements to the canvas. Brizy Plugin features a range of customizable and draggable elements like lines, texts, tabs, buttons, and counters, among others.

The unique thing about Brizy is that once all the above elements are on a user page, they can customize them. Brizy builder also lets a user control most operations inline, unlike other builders that use pop-ups and sidebars.

Intro of Brizy WordPress Page Builder and Brizy Cloud CMS.

Brizy WordPress Page Builder is an interface that allows its user to visually create website pages by building blocks that will provide a layout of how a user wants each component to look on the web page.

There is also an option for a paid version made of already made layouts and other popup choices, saving a user time and having a feature that engages with visitors.

How to Install Brizy Free In WordPress?

In the WordPress Dashboard, go to plugins > add new > in the search plugins > type in Brizy, and you click on install now. 

Once it has been installed. Click to activate, and there you go. Brizy has been installed in your plugins folder and is ready to use.

How to Install Brizy Pro and Activate your license in WordPress?

Before you Install Brizy pro in WordPress, You need to make sure that you already have Brizy Free Install. To check, if you have Brizy Free Install in your WordPress. Go to plugins.

As we can see that Brizy Free is installed in the plugins folder, Click on  or open a new tab and type in to go to Brizy Website.

Go to account > Login > Go to Dashboard and click Download Brizy pro under Brizy WordPress plugin.

Then go back to WordPress plugins > add new > Upload plugin > Choose File add the file,we downloaded and click on Install now, and click Activate plugin.

Now we have both Brizy Free and Brizy Pro Installed.

Our last step is to activate our Brizy pro license to get updates and to unlock certain pro functionality like design, integrations, and more.

For Brizy Pro Personal:  Go to Brizy account > WordPress licenses. 

Copy license key and go to WordPress admin > Brizy > License

and paste it here.

For Brizy Pro Studio and Lifetime plan, you'll get access to a licensing system and you'll be able to generate multiple licenses.

Keep in mind, you will not have access to the licensing system to generate new license in the Brizy Pro Personal plan.

Brizy Cloud is a platform that is hosted and powered by Brizy Builder; its main aim is to provide an experience that is more streamlined, when a user is creating multi-page websites and landing pages.

It also provides hosting space that is unlimited and other attractive publishing options that are free.

The publishing options are provided because after a user has created a project on Brizy Cloud, they would want to publish it.

Brizy cloud offers four publishing choices; two will be hosted securely on their server while two are hosted by the user via a third–party.

  • Those securely hosted by brizy

Those publishing options that are securely hosted on the brizy server include Custom domain and Subdomain.

  • Those hosted by a user

The other publishing option available to Brizy Cloud users is the 3rd- party free hosting publishing; it is free of charge and lets a user sync their project on either of these top static hosting providers; Netlify, Vercel and Render.

There is also the Server Sync Publishing Option which is also free; it lets a user sync their Brizy Cloud project and allows them to edit it in real-time.

Editing of users project is on Brizy Cloud; then they are automatically updated on the user server.

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How to Publish Brizy Cloud Website with 3rd party Free Hosting?

How you can publish your brizy cloud website using Third-party free hosting like Github at Netlify.

Log in to brizy cloud with your free account.

Go to the dashboard, as soon as we hover over the project we can see a three-dot appears, if we click on it.

We can see our publish option, Click on Publish, to see our four publishing options appears on the next window.

We are going to use the 3rd-party free hosting option for right now in order to use the free 3rd-party free hosting option you must have a Github account.

You can use the free Github account and we are going to publish the website using Netlify so in order to publish the website click on connect and you can choose any of the platforms so we are going to use Netlify and click on connect.

You have to authorize brizy cloud to create a repository on your Github account so click authorize brizy cloud.

Then we have to set up the netlify publishing option.

Go to Netlify and login into your account

In order to publish a new website click on New site from Git.

Then choose Github.

Then click on authorize netlify by netlify.

After the new window appear scroll down and click on install.

After ten seconds or less, our project should be ready then click on the project next to the GitHub logo.

Then click on Deploy site.

It may take a few moments as you can see our site is published now.

If we click on this URL we should be successfully connected to the brizy cloud.

We have to click refresh to successfully connect, as we can see it connected in the image below.

Key Features :

The most critical component of the Brizy page builder is its features, as it wraps up all its possibilities and strengths. It gives an insight into what should be expected if a user would like to use it or not.

1. Smart and Clutter-Free:

The Brizy WordPress plugin is straightforward and easy to use; when using it, you won’t come across unnecessary elements of any type. It just provides and works the way it is supposed to and delivers what it claims.

2. Has more than 150 pre-made blocks:

this also includes the layouts and templates that can customize it. At least one can’t miss a style that will match their idea and rearrange it to their liking.

3. Editing elements:

Brizy builder allows its users to edit its features just like the blocks.

4. Global Styling:

Another feature that makes this page builder stand out is its global styling feature. It provides its users with a range of colors to edit to their liking on the web.

5. Mobile-friendly:

The Brizy Plugin provides a Tablet and Mobile view to its users, giving them an insight into how exactly the page they intend to build will look on a Tablet and Mobile screen.

6. Design styles:

Apart from pre-made blocks, Brizy also provides a range of other elements to help its user’s style their pages. A user can remove or add counters, icons, buttons, tabs, rows/columns, progress bars, and others in seconds.

7. More than 4000 icons:

Brizy builder comes with a very vast icon library that has several categories. These icons are made available in two versions which are the Glyph and Outline Version.

8. Allows for Flexible customization:

When using the plugin to edit, you are not limited to stick to its default structure. A user has the option of re-order blocks, redo/undo actions, change backgrounds, adjust margin and paddings and edit images and texts.

9. Popups:

When it comes to creating popups, Brizy WordPress is one of the best builders. It provides already made layouts for their popups and can be added to a user page easily.

Brizy Marketing Integrations.

Marketing integration tools are important since Brizy has been using them to respond to some questions asked by various customers concerning different services given by the company.

Email Marketing Tools

Brizy Marketing integration involves email marketing tools and platforms that will help you make visitors who come to your website, to sign up for Newsletters to one of those Email Marketing tools down below by adding their email address to your website, and this will allow you to collect those email address for your next marketing journey.

  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Sendinblue
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • Convert Kit
  • Mailer Lite
  • Drip
  • Active Campaign
  • E-goi
  • Mail Jet
  • GetResponse
  • SendGrid
  • Salesforce.

WordPress Integration Tools

Brizy makes available some interesting tools to bring more power to your website.

  • Woo-commerce
  • Yoast
  • ACF
  • Toolset
  • Pods
  • MetaBox

And they offer some of the best like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Google Fonts, and Adobe Fonts.

Brizy integrations ensure complete customization, and it helps display your brand at the right adjustments. These elements also ensure template management for teams.

Brizy marketing integration usually gives the email designer to lock some sections of the template to enable the team to update what is required and ensure that the business brand style and business data.

In the idea of building a WordPress site, the best option for you is to use Brizy as a drag-and-drop builder, it will become easy to build unlimited professional landing pages that will help increase your level of integration.

Brizy makes designing a high level of quality design. Therefore, one needs to integrate their favorite marketing application through Brizy.

Custom Field Integrations Tools

The first thing we will see in this case is adding custom fields to WordPress using toolset plugins. WordPress is considered one of the cheapest ways you can use to create a website.

There are other custom tools and plugins, but toolset plugins have contributed to many developers. In this case, simplifying the design process is the main thing. Custom fields have made design easy by integrating the elements of design that facilitate optimal display and functionality without interfering with the code.

Custom fields have made WordPress be more user-friendly.

The following are some of the WordPress custom fields used in Brizy:

Toolset is the most common plugin that gives customers the chance to post and ensure the website looks smart. Toolset doesn't need any knowledge of coding thus it makes the work easy for any user. 

Advanced custom fields (ACF) are the second and popular WordPress which gives the customers in Brizy to add custom data fields options to their site. It is popular to use and contains a simple interface. The plugin gives you the chance to involve new fields on demand, edit screens, and has custom information. 

The third tool is Pods. It gives a free framework to add custom fields and posts. It usually exists freely for users. It becomes easy to develop different types of content and increase the existing one hence considered convenient. 

The other tool is meta-Box which is used to add text, pictures, file upload boxes, and other contents to the Brizy, it also increases the content options.

Pricing :

  • Brizy WordPress Pricing.

Brizy WordPress page builder has a free option; there is also the Brizy Pro options which currently has three pricing plans.

Lifetime plan-one time from $149 Personal, $299 Freelancer and Agency $399 payment.


Personal : $49/Year

Freelancer : $99/Year

Agency : $199/Year

Personal : $149/one-time

Freelancer : $299/one-time

Agency : $399/one-time

  • Brizy Cloud Pricing.

Brizy Cloud also offer free option; there is also the Brizy Cloud Pro options, which currently has three pricing plans.

Where they offer affordable Pricing start at $9 for the Personal, $29 Freelancer and $39 $49 for the Agency on Limited Time Offer per Month.


Personal : $9/Month

Freelancer : $29/Month

Agency : $39 - $49/Month

Personal : $79/Year

Freelancer : $299/Year

Agency : $379 - $499/ Limited Time Offer

Why Brizy the is best Choice?

Brizy is currently almost competing on the same level with renowned industry giants like Divi Builder, Beaver Builder and Thrive Theme Builder.

With the recent updates like Role Manager and eCommerce in the Brizy page builder plugin for WordPress and Blog, Webhook, Stories, System Pages, and Advanced custom fields Known as (Custom Assets) in Brizy Cloud.

Brizy is moving forward fast, very interesting and its future is promising.

If you want to start a blog, give Brizy page builder plugin a Try, it's free.

Its smooth interface and ease of use make this software stand out in this industry flooded with stiff competition.

Benefits of using Brizy, the ease of use :

Brizy is a growing page builder, and here are some things that make it stand out from the rest and are beneficial to its users.

1. It is easy to use: it does not need coding or any web design skills to use it. Any user can use it comfortably without any difficulties.

2. Clutter-Free and Intuitive: The plugin only shows what is needed for a particular task and eliminates everything required.

3. Enables Real-time editing: the builder doesn’t have disjointed experience; it allows editing and building everything a user needs.

4. It cans stand-alone: unlike another page builder that needs a base content management system such as WordPress, Brizy has Brizy Cloud, which can use without an intermediary.

5. It is affordable: their $49 per year option is one of the lower prices available in the industry, given the features they provide.

6. Can integrate with other shopping sites: The Brizy Pro can integrate with MailChimp, Woocommerce, and Hubspot.

7. Unique Features: It provides unique topographies like image focus, global styling, zoom, and recorded blocks.

Upcoming Updates.

On their website, they have promised that they will launch their Advanced Custom Fields and their Asset builder, which will allow users to customize their blog posts and this feature is finally available with Brizy Cloud Pro. We encourage you to give it try. It open the doors to interesting possibilities.

Also, on their roadmap, Brizy Cloud has plans to add more features on their CMS platform like Funnels builder, Analytics and Tracking, and Brizy Cloud eCommerce.


Brizy is a new and innovative plugin in the industry; it doesn’t require any technical skills or designer to use it.

This Brizy Review is based on showcasing a clear view of how the page builder works. Its unique features and easy to use are what make it very attractive and popular among its users.

Though it is not so far in league with the most popular giants in the industry, it is leveling up, and very soon, we hope it will be a force to reckon with.

What is the best CMS or Page Builder do you Use to build your website?

Let us Know by commenting below.


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