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Surfer SEO is an on-page SEO tool that optimizes your content by analyzing several ranking signals.



Affordable and flexible pricing for small businesses with a 7 day trials and 30 day money-back guarantee.



Surfer offers the best on page user interface for beginners.



Surfer offers a 24/7 chat and Email support.


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If you want to see your website or blog ranked on the search engine results page, you need SEO. Amazingly, search engine optimization is crucial for any particular webpage despite challenging tasks. However, understanding all the ranking factors and having extensive research can be daunting because of the amount of work involved.

Interestingly, you have to struggle to do the work manually since several SEO tools exist. These SEO tools in the market help you quickly and efficiently optimize your pages.

Surfer SEO stands out to be the best tool to use, given its excellent features and easy-to-use. In this Surfer SEO Review, you will have an insight about Surfer SEO but first, what is Surfer SEO?

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an on-page SEO tool that optimizes your content by analyzing several ranking signals, over 500 signals.

Manual Analyzing can be daunting and time-consuming and can only manage a few ranking factors with limited access to the data set. However, SEO tools are quick and efficient, and there is a need to have one.

Surfer SEO uses comprehensive data to account for several SEO ranking factors and provides results within the first few minutes after use.

In addition, Surfer SEO founders have versatile experience for over a decade. They have specialized in SEO, hence offering a more efficient system.

Where did Surfer SEO come from?

In 2018, Surfer was established with a small group of people that no one knew about. However, by 2020 Surfer had grown with many invaluable clients plus brilliant people on board.

With an online existence of over fifty countries and annual recurring revenue of about $2.8 million, Surfer has turned out to be successful.

It is crucial to understand a few things that have made Surfer stand out from other SEO tools.

Here are some of the fantastic things that have resulted in its tremendous success:

  • Product innovation: is critical leverage in ensuring that you differentiate your market and remain unique.

  • Focusing on product delivery instead of striving for perfection, any product that aims for perfection will arrive late in the market but delivers value too late.

  • They are refining what is working than making it complex.

  • Always have a plan and pivot: you need a roadmap, goals, and, importantly, a marketing strategy to be successful.

  • Cherish your community.

  • Appreciate your competition.

Surfer Technology.

Well, it is impossible to miss out on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when you're talking about today's technology. However, Surfer SEO isn't left out on technology.

It launched some new tools back in 2019 and included:

  • Teaching AI to write marketing content.
  • Messaging using AI chatbots.
  • Increased conversions due to behavioral profiling.

Recently, Google has tightened its algorithms around searching via machine learning.

Their learning algorithms are about surfacing the most relevant content based on the user's behavior, which they constantly monitor.

Interestingly, ML (Machine Learning) is crucial in marketing because of its data-driven nature, and due to this reason, Surfer SEO has ML-driven tools.

Surfer SEO Features.

Surfer SEO is the best approach to choose whenever you prepare marketing content. Due to the handy tools for optimizing, writing, and marketing strategies creation that is offered.

The following are some of the fantastic features:

Content planner.

For a strategy to be classified as good, it must be planned appropriately and well-thought-out. Save our hassle.

The content planner Tool will take a few minutes to create an entire framework for your topic. Then, by just typing your case, you will receive a list of article ideas that can last you for a few weeks, if not months.

Since a lot of time is spent strategizing content based on topic grouping, Surfer decided to automate a modern method to save time.

SEO Audit.

SEO Audit is an assessment set to establish how well a page is optimized for search engines and often represents the beginning of engine optimization.

The good thing with this feature is that it will point out the weakness in your SEO strategy and offer possible solutions. Moreover, the SEO Audit introduced a new angle to our SEO strategy.

However, once you are done with the Audit, you are left out with various steps to enhance your SEO, like writing your keywords on HMTL in place of Java.

Another important thing that SEO Audit is that it examines all the issues behind competitors' success ranked above on search engines.

That doesn't end there because it goes further to recommend changes necessary to make you competitive. However, this feature turned out to be fascinating among people in the e-commerce industry.


SERP Analyzing.

SERP analysis is the process of closely examining the top-ranked websites in the search engine results, especially a specific keyword, to establish whether the keyword is pertinent to your website or has an opportunity to surpass your competitor.

SERP analysis is crucial, especially in the keyword procedure, because it identifies keywords in which your page SEO has the possibility of ranking.

Interestingly, this feature pinpoints strengths that can propel you ahead of your competitors in terms of ranking.

Content Editor.

For writers, this feature is like the bread and butter of Surfer SEO. This feature stands to be the best for writers.

Moreover, it looks at high-ranking pages that cover the same content as yours and generates SEO writing guidelines. Finally, Surfer SEO will go a step further to use the data from other websites to create a handy content editing platform.

This platform will help you by suggesting an appropriate word count, several headings and paragraphs, and a comprehensive list containing crucial keywords. However, despite the suggested words being helpful, you should remember that they often affect readability.

It happens to be the biggest downside of this feature because It can quickly rectify other shortcomings like keywords being affected by word count. But, importantly, this is a good feature given its ability to create and share a project with a fellow writer.

As long as you don't follow the suggestions blindly, this feature is helpful for your career.

Keyword surfer.

With the keyword Surfer feature, queries that often appear for a given question are analyzed. Additional information is depicted, as the average monthly number of searches, once a phrase has been entered and search authorized.

The essential data, monthly searches for a given keyword, is crucial in implementing new ideas and strategies. Interestingly, you can equally inspect other countries by just using the settings and toggling a location of your choice.

The app can be easily used and doesn't need to be used for months to depict the data.

Professionals have often preferred using Surfer SEO as one of their work instruments. This is because it can easily use it and display collected data at various levels of detail. 

Interestingly, with the Surfer SEO keyword extension tool, you don't need to read the entire Surfer guide but check the menu, and you are set to make your first conclusions.

Keyword Surfer is a free extension that helps you see your search volumes on Google search results. Moreover, it is outstanding in extracting search data and performing keyword searches on Google. 

It is easy to have the extension since it is free and takes a few seconds to install. Just search on Google, download the extension for Google docs, and have a fantastic experience.

It comes in handy since it displays search volumes, related terms, essential suggestions, and on-page data for top ranking pages once you type and enter your target phrase.

From this data, you can establish the proper density of the keywords in your website, know their difficulty, and, lastly, organize your content.  

How Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass can benefit beginners who want to learn SEO.

Every person can learn how to compose for search engines, be the more effortless skill, and implement some SEO concepts.

You can apply for various SEO writing jobs as a freelancer by equipping yourself with these skills. In addition, knowing how to write SEO content can help you get noticed on search engines if you have a website of your own.

Once your copy is optimized, you will reap high because you will have a higher rank on Google and other search engines.

If your work isn't properly optimized, it will be listed far down hence not good for business.

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass is suitable for all marketers and content creators who want to write pages that generate organic traffic.

In addition, it is crafted for freelance writers, in-house content creators, and marketers who'd like to learn new skills and for those who want to tie their writing to results for Search Engine Optimization.

At Surfer Academy, you learn everything concerning the SEO content to users of the software tools.

As much as this Surfer is beginner-friendly, the user should be equipped with this Academy's skills since relevance and quality are core.

Everything you need to know about creating valuable content that Google optimizes is done step by step.

Here are some of the skills you will learn and possibly perfect on:

  • Keyword research.
  • Completion analysis.
  • Identifying low-hanging fruits.
  • NLP.

Take advantage of Surfer SEO academy to learn new tips and tricks.

You will be privileged to find amazing training videos and live sessions at the Surfer Academy.

By going to the SEO Academy and perfecting the tricks, you're likely to increase your money-back in 30 days.

Surfer Pricing.

Surfer SEO provides three packages to choose from SERP analyzer, information on backlinks and visibility, content editor, keyword research, and NLP analysis.


Surfer Monthly Pricing

Basic: $59/Mo.



Surfer Annually Pricing 17%OFF




However, it is a little cheaper if you decide to for annual billing. Interestingly, the features you use on each plan are the same, maybe with one exception.

The only difference that arises is the number of reports you can run at a particular plan. When Surfer SEO is compared to competitors like Clearscope in terms of prices, it has a solid value.

Surfer Alternatives?

SEO software is a widely used technology, and people often look for a powerful software solution that can offer competitor analysis and keyword research.

However, some essential features you should not miss out on when it comes to alternative software are content and the features they pose.

Here are some of the most voted software alternatives to Surfer SEO:

  • Cora

Cora is another excellent software for on-page SEO analysis. Cora analyzes competitors and keywords in-depth to provide accurate data like Surfer SEO.

However, this software isn't beginner-friendly and is categorized as expensive SEO software.

  • Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro is also called POP and has gained its reputation due to its easy-to-use interface. However, the software is similar to Surfer SEO in page optimization, and POP lags in beginner-friendly design.

  • Website Auditor

Website Auditor tool isn't cloud-based like the other tools but can be downloaded into your computer. However, it provides all the essential tools you would expect from SEO software. Interestingly, it is free to download software and can be upgraded by buying a license making it cost-friendly.

  • Clear scope

Clear Scope has good content editing and powerful features making it a solid competitor for Surfer SEO. Clear scope is data-driven hence possesses the capability to outrank competitors by creating the best content.

This software equally allows Google Docs and Word Integration, like most outstanding SEOs. However, when it comes matters prices, Clearscope is way too expensive, starting from $170 per month, unlike Surfer SEO.

  • Frase

Frase lets you write content with the help of additional features like automated paraphrasing, content briefs, and many more.

Frase has a lifetime deal on Appsumo, but you can still get a monthly plan for $44.99. this software uses AI content writing tools and end-to-end workflows hence standing out as a tough Surfer competitor.

What are SEO Tools?

SEO Tools is a collection of real-time SEO tools to analyze your website and try as much as possible to keep track of your competitors in search.

Amazingly, all these tools are developed to function fast to improve your website with actionable suggestions and crucial insights.

These developed these tools back in 2013 to help SEO experts, copywriters, bloggers, online marketers, and web admins optimize their content and even increase their visibility in search hence standing a chance to add organic traffic.

The following are some of the best SEO tools that have been proven to be helpful:

  • MOZ.
  • SEMrush.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Domain Authority Checker.
  • Backlink Checker.
  • Keyword Research Tool.
  • Content Idea Generator.

What are SEO Scoring?

SEO score can be described as a measure of how well your site's technical and user-facing aspects are likely to contribute to search engine optimization and perhaps result in higher ranking and increased organic traffic.

Crucially, your site's final SEO score is dictated by the performance it depicts on four subcategories which include Content, Technical, Mobile, and User Experience.

A score or each subcategory is provided after individual checks with different weightings have been aggregated. However, some are scored independently without considering whether the element is present or not.


Comprehensive content editor.

It is a beginner-friendly SEO tool.

Ability to integrate with Google Docs.

Share Surfer links with other writers to necessitate consistent SEO.

Improvements are regularly made.

The limited keyword tools.

Word suggestions can result in overstuffing.

Queries are limited depending on the package.

Formatting on the content editor is occasionally tricky.

Surfer SEO Support.

After going through all the fantastic features on Surfer SEO, it is fair to check their support.

Interestingly, asking any query to their support is easy since there is a small intercom chat button on every page. Once a question is asked, they reply relatively faster, if not immediately.

A quick response is helpful to any user who might have a problem using the tool. Generally, the Surfer SEO support is excellent given its swift response and location of the chat button, the bottom of every page.


In short, Surfer SEO has another application, a preliminary analysis of a potential client.

Interestingly, this tool allows quick analysis of competition, strategy, and optimization level, hence deploying necessary resources to outperform the competition.

So, in case you haven't decided which SEO software you want to use, at least consider Surfer SEO because of its outstanding performance and fair prices.

Feel free check out our article on Best SEO Tools.

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