Best chatbot Platforms to easily collect leads
Meet the best next generation chatbot platform for your website to get more leads and build customers relationships.


AI chatbot platforms are at the forefront of how organizations interact with consumers.

Chatbots allow companies to instantly deploy their own chat solutions into their websites, applications, and social media tools.

A Chatbot is like a chatbox but much more powerful and effective as you can create communication and interaction with your website visitor.

In this article We cover the most innovative and useful chatbots that are making a difference.

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What is the Best ChatBot Platform?

After using and testing different Chatbot Softwares and Platforms, here are our top picks for the best Chatbot.

Here are the Best Chatbot Platforms you can use in your website:

1. Collect.Chat

Great conversations are part of a healthy customer relationship but having one with each customer is not easy when running a business online.

You may have already tried many things:

  • Added contact forms that no one ever filled in
  • Adding pop-ups, all they did was annoy your users and drive them away
  • Added a live chat widget then you realized you don't have the budget to hire additional staff to sit 24/7.

You can't let your existing team be distracted by repeating customer queries.

Then answer is simple-to-use, design-friendly conversational bots that you can install on any website through a single copy-paste.

This is Where collect chat comes into the game. With collect chat, you can make an interactive chatbot in minutes. Design the conversation using a drag-and-drop interface, add the snippet code to your site and you're all set.

The next time your website has visitors, the chatbot will engage with all of them automatically. It will ask simple questions like what they need, who they are. you get instant notifications, and conversation can be sent, to any tool you use in your workflow.

You can book meetings with your visitors translate the bot to the language of your choice. It works round-the-clock, the conversations are automated, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Features :

  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Meeting Booking
  • Leads Generation

Pricing :


Pay Monthly.

Free : $0

Lite : $24

Standard : $49

Plus : $99

Pay Yearly.

Free : $0

Lite : $18

Standard : $35

Plus : $69

It's time to make your conversations friendly and give your users the best user experience.

Keep your visitors engaged and learn what they are looking for. Collect data on the go and get instant notifications. Conversational Marketing is the next frontier. Get started now with

2. MobileMonkey SMBots

Mobile Monkey SMBot is much simpler to use the many chats or chat fuel and as many of the same basic features and more.

Mobile Monkey SMBots is the multi-channel customer messaging platform that makes live chat and chat marketing automation accessible for all business owners.

MobileMonkey SMBots is created by Larry Kim, and he is one of the best marketers, many people follow him because he sold a word stream for 150 million, and he's 100% dedicated to making this the best marketing platform.

Mobile Monkey SMBots has built the most intuitive and easy-to-use chatbot builder for creating proactive web chat marketing experiences in minutes.

We have rated a 4.5 out of 5, and once they add in the whole flow editor, we will change this to 5.



Pricing :

Annually Pay Per Month.

Free Forever Edition: $0

Operator Edition : $14.25/Month with annual plan

Engagement Edition : $44.25 /month with annual plan

3. Tars

Founded in 2016, Tars is a Creative team Saas business excited about Conversational Interfaces and Chatbots.

Tars is a chatbot making platform that helps save leads from google ads with Tars, you serve potential customers an interactive experience with a conversational bot rather than static and unengaging landing pages.

As a result, prospects are more likely to convert. You get a greater chance of increasing your profitability, gain Roy from your ad spend from bringing you leads, Tars can also qualify prospects your tar's chatbot can ask relevant questions that allow you to filter prospective clients.

The process is quicker and more effective as your audience get the experience that they are conversing with somebody instead of filling out forms. Tar's benefits higher conversion rates statics landing pages with forms usually feel like getting information from prospects. Where they have a conversation with your bot, this way.

You can get the required information for your conversation strategy to work. Leads qualification before sending leads to your CRM your tariffs chatbot qualifies them, it does that by asking more questions that can help it filter prospects, the process is also quicker and more effective compared to making site visitors fill up forms Chatbots act much like landing pages.

Chatbots live in their unique URLs because of this, you can create multiple chatbots serve different purposes or for targeting various audiences.

This functionality enables you to Organize segregate and filter leads with ease, Powerful data analytics. Tars are equipped with an analytical tool that provides you with numerical values that allow you to measure your success using this.

You can find ways to optimize your conversational page to increase your conversion rates API integration tars make availability a robust set of APIs for your organization or connect any and your chatbots to your favorite backed sales and marketing solutions by doing, you do not have to manually transfer prospects and leads information from the chatbots.

Tars Chatbot Templates :

  • Finance and Banking
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Government

Pricing :

Tars has Three pricing options, Business, Premium and Enterprise.


Pay Monthly.

Business : $499/Mo

Premium : $899/Mo

Enterprise : Custom

Pay Yearly.

Business : $4999/yr

Premium : $8999/yr

Enterprise : Custom

4. Botpenguin

BotPenguin is an AI powered chatbot platform that enables you to quickly and easily build incredible chatbots to communicate and engage your customers on website, Facebook messenger and other platforms.

Chatbot development : You are losing 40% of customers by not implementing a chatbot for your website.

BotPenguin is highly reliable and always delivered high quality.

BotPenguin can help you take business decisions as it can show total interactions, unique interactions, leads generated, lead generation rate and all of them can be filtered by day, month, year, etc.

Analytics graph includes interactions with bot, website vs chatbot visitors, visitor timing, time per chat session and all of them can again be filtered by a particular day, month, year, etc.

You can also check our conversion funnel to keep a check on the conversion rate.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

BotPenguin offers four Types of Bots:

  • Lead Generation Bot - Bot will automatically Start Chat with your visitors.
  • Customer Service Chatbot - Let your Bot handle frequently asked Question.
  • Assistant Bot - Customer Service For Website that schedules meeting for you and send reminders and noftications.
  • Order Booking Bot - Let bot Handle your Sales Counter.

Features :

  • Natural language Processing
  • Conversational UI
  • Deep Analytics
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Easily Customize
  • Multi Messaging Channel

Pricing :

BotPenguin Offers a Baby plan with basic features available free of charge for everyone to try and their Pricing Plans are very Cheap.


Pay Monthly.

Baby : Free

King : $5/Mo

Emperor : Contact

Pay Yearly.

Baby : Free

King : $4.17/Mo

Emperor : Contact

5. Virtualspirits

VirtualSpirit is a Saas Technology offering company, also known as Vspirit Technologies ltd, Started in 2008, founded by Nathan Bajrach, Belgian-born Entrepreneur.

Building on unique patented technology, Virtual Spirits is chatting automatically with website visitors 24/7, answering their questions, helping them purchase online, and generating leads for human sales.

Today, tens of millions of people across the world use Virtual Spirits automated chat at thousands of websites.

With VirtualSpirit your visitors expect answers to be provided online, and are receptive to your sales pitches, incentives, and answers when they are relevant to them. From past experience we've seen that it is quite complex for website owners to find out what visitors look for (in their own words), what questions they have, and what the best answers are, in order to convert.

This is exactly what your Agent will learn for you, i.e. what questions/answers are most important for visitors, what sales pitch works best, and what incentive will turn them into buyers.

Features :

  • Chatbot Templates
  • A.I Machine Learning
  • Bot Analytics
  • Multi Language Bot
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile-friendly

Pricing :

VirtualSpirit offers 30-day free trail with no credit-card require and it comes with a four types plan after 30 days trials.

Small : $9/Mo Best For Individuals Up to 200 Visitors Month.

Professional : $29/Mo Best For Individuals Up to 1,000 Visitors Month.

Business : $99/Mo Best For Small Businesses Up to 10,000 Visitors Month.

i-Business: $239/Mo Best For Internet Businesses Up to 100,000 Visitors Month.

6. Landbot

Landbot is a no-code chatbot solution that allows you to automate your lead generation and customer support processes on any channel.

It stores every answer, you can keep the data flowing across your favorite apps in real-time.

You can embed it anywhere and customize everything from top to bottom to create something personal and unique, the chatbot builder is the cornerstone, Unleash your inner maker and drag-and-drop components that you can plug, integrate, and reuse.

You can also group blocks to create bricks and share them with the community with just a couple of clicks.

Features :

  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-use custom bricks
  • Dynamic data
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Dialogflow integration
  • Codeless formatting
  • Multi-channel experience

Pricing :


Pay Monthly.

SandBox : Free

Starter : Euro30/Mo

Professional : Euro 80/Mo

Business : Custom

Pay Yearly.

SandBox : Free

Starter : Euro252/Yr

Professional : Euro672/Yr

Business : Custom

7. AcoBot

Aco interacts with shoppers on website through a conversation UI. More accurately to say, it is an AI chatbot, which is able to converse with users in natural language.

Aco can helps your visitors, shop with a human touch.

It pushes them down to the sales funnel mercilessly, Your customer will be happy for the experience they get with Aco, You will be happy for the increased sales. This is how Aco works, it greeds customers with a human touch, Aco will help your customer finds what they want.

Aco will help your customer choose the products option, It adds products to the cart, answers customer's questions, It will boost your sales with all techniques.

It further differentiates itself from other AI chatbot for its self-learning capability - Aco can learn from your store settings and products and get ready to work in a few sends or minutes, depending on the size of your store.

Features :

  • Assisted Shopping - Increase product page views by helping your visitors find what they want.
  • Lead Generation - Grow your email list faster by capturing leads thorough the whole shopping process.
  • Cart recovery - Recover more abandoned carts using emails that are composed and sent by AI.
  • Email Marketing - Get more orders using behavioral emails that shoppers love to open, read, and click.
  • Discount coupons - Motivate shoppers to act as you want using time-limited, personalized coupons.
  • Loyalty Program - Retain your customers by rewarding them for shopping with your brand.

Pricing :

Acobot Pricing : $9/Monthly

You can also get access Acobot by starting with a 15-day free trial then membership for $9 Monthly

8. ChatBot

ChatBot is an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots across channels.

Create chatbots in minutes with diverse templates and automate key tasks right away. Easily drag-and-drop new elements to adapt any template to your needs.

ChatBot is ready to work out of the box, while AI algorithms help you improve responses over time. Design smooth conversational experiences to build better relationships with your customers. Send dynamic responses that encourage customers to chat and interact.

Mix and match text, images, buttons, and quick replies to show off your brand, products, and services. Use ChatBot on different platforms and channels using one-click integration (Facebook Messenger, Slack, LiveChat, WordPress, and more).

Connect your chatbot to just about anything you can think of using open API, webhooks, and Zapier.

Features :

  • No code Builder
  • Chatbot Testing
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Pre-build Template
  • Integrations

Pricing :

Yearly Subscription.

Starter : $50/Mo

Team : $149/Mo

Business : $499/Mo

Enterprise : Contact Chatbot

Chatbot Offers 14- days free trial with no credit card required.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot a rare CRM solution with a chatbot platform built in it is designed to give marketing and sales teams to end-to-end functionality.

They need to create an incredible experience for customers the chatbot can show visitors and useful content qualify leads for you and create support tickets also, all of your conversation hubs are connected to the same inbox.

The goal is to eliminate the complexity of accessing AI features, you can integrate it with slacks, Skype, Facebook and many more. what's more there's no need for a developer as plenty of event-specific bot templates are available and enterprise-grade security built-in you can rest assured your system is entirely compliant.

Features :

  • Templates and Presets
  • Responsive Pages
  • Skin Builder
  • Advanced Grid Builder
  • Content Element

Pricing :

HubSpot Pricing.

Regular : $45

Extended : $245

10. SnatchBot

Snatchbot is a bot-building platform as a service, Born in 2015 to make a bot for everyone, from small businesses to world-leading companies.

Their clients use their platform to streamline business workflows and communications with a single message-based interface with no coding skills required. With there omnichannel platform, SnatchBot’s tools support the entire lifecycle of a chatbot, from development and testing to deployment, publishing, hosting, tracking, and monitoring.

Snatchbot offers a variety of bot template

Snatchbot goal is to eliminate the complexity of accessing AI features, you can integrate it with slacks, Skype, Facebook and many more.

What's more there's no need for a developer as plenty of event-specific bot templates are available and they have enterprise-grade security built-in you can rest assured your system is entirely compliant

Features :

  • Templates and Presets
  • Responsive Pages
  • Skin Builder
  • Advanced Grid Builder
  • Content Element

Pricing :

SnatchBot Pricing.


Pay Monthly.

Pay Yearly.

What is a ChatBot?

In today's world, messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication, whether it's through text messages or messenger apps.

A chatbot is essentially a bot that can have a conversation with a person, and there are a few different contexts for a chatbot is useful :

  • Customer service
  • Providing references
  • Ideas for a shopper
  • Marketing
  • Engagement.

People prefer talking with one and another because these businesses are developing chatbots that you can message as if they were human.

You may even think you're talking to a human when it's actually a chatbot. Online businesses are using Chatbots for online customer service to resolve issues and answer simple questions.

A few are even developing shopping assistance to give you recommendations when you're looking for Some products.

There are currently two different types of chatbots :

  • The first type of chatbots uses a Certain set of rules meaning that they can only respond to specific words or commands, so if you don't use the correct phrasing, the chatbot may not know how to respond. These bots are only as intelligent as they're programmed to be.
  • The second type of chatbots uses artificial intelligence, which means that it can understand language and you can speak with it more conversationally as if it were a person, these chatbots will also get smarter over time, learning from each conversation they have with there users.

This technology continues to evolve more companies will use chatbots as a way to engage with and assist their audiences goodwill community foundation creating opportunities for a better life.

How does a Chatbot work?

A chatbot is simply a computer program that simulates human conversations.

Fundamentally, a chatbot allows a form of interaction between a human and a machine. The interaction happens via written messages or voice.

The chatbot is programmed to work independently from a human operator.

It can answer questions formulated in a natural language and answer as a real person would. A chatbot comes up with its answers through a combination of predefined scripts and machine learning.

When a question is asked, the chatbot will respond based on what it knows at the time being.

If the conversation brings it to a place where it does not know what to do, the chatbot will either deflect the conversation or potentially pass the conversation to a human operator, In both cases, it will also try to learn from that interaction. Over time, and multiple interactions, the chatbot will gradually gain in scope and relevance.

Chatbot gives you the flexibility you need for your customer support team to create a chatbot and allow the

robot to take care of customer support.

Chatbot is a one in all software that lets you develop fully operating chatbots for customer support and sales.

You can use your chatbot with one click integrations with messaging applications and live chat solutions or use a chat widget.

You can create your conversations utilizing a drag and drop interface as well as link it with a communication channel, chatbots can boost your sales and also enhance consumer satisfaction with instant responses, Including Facebook messenger.

The Best Chatbot Software? is an all-in-one platform to create chatbots across channels and launch conversational chat

bots without coding.

You can use the chatbot on different platforms and channels using one-click integration with Facebook messenger WordPress and other integrations, this is what customers say about

We have seen our online store ordering increase by 300 percent after customizing.

The chatbot software and chatbot platform has become a key part of our proposition, It is fully flexible and has allowed us to drive thirty percent more leads while dramatically reducing your costs you can try out the software for free to see if this is the right software for you.

Many e-commerce companies are looking at various ways to use chatbots to improve and scale the customer experience, whether for shopping, booking, or customer service.

Next time you hear about chatbots, especially in Business Travel, remember to look beyond

the fancy term chatbot and ask about how it connects to and adds value to your Travel Program.

Why You Should Choose A Chatbot For Your Website ?

There Are so Many factors to consider when talking about why you should choose a chatbot for your website.

We will walk you through four steps to see if you should have chatbots on your website.

Step 1. The most interactive element on your current website is a traditional contact form. You are still making the customer do all the work a lot of work often too much wonder, why the contact form isn't getting you any leads.

Contact forms are not always a bad thing to have, but you need to make sure that filling the form takes no more than three seconds.

Step 2. You don't have a dedicated customer service team.

One of the main benefits of using chatbots is the partial automation of customer service. It's okay not to have a team for it, but that's not an excuse to leave customers hanging.

Our experience working with hundreds of teams across industries has taught us that the vast majority of service inquiries revolve around the same three to five topics.

This observation stresses the potential benefit of using a chatbot. Help website visitors find answers by themselves, if you can handle 80% percent of incoming questions automatically with bots, answering the phone or email for the remaining 20 doesn't feel like a huge thing, and now you will be able to provide a better experience to the customers who need your personal assistance.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Step 3. Your customers are active 24/7, or you're serving a global customer base. Let's be honest here no field exists where at least one of these wouldn't be true.

It's time to face the fact that your potential customers inhabit pretty much every corner of the space-time continuum and they expect to get answers and service regardless of their coordinates. If you're still strictly only available during local office hours, implementing chatbots can bring enormous advantages in customer service, lead generation, and sales.

Bots are beneficial in the way that once you put the initial work in, they require very little maintenance, and they work 24/7 without causing you any legal trouble again chatbots will take you a long way when you don't have around-the-clock customer service.

Step 4. Not getting as many leads from the website as you would want. Every marketing and sales team wants more leads.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising talent, you have likely sacrificed a few gray hairs for the lead generation problem. You can do content marketing, advertise, and drive more traffic to your website.

These are all valuable marketing activities, but do they help? Perhaps the problem isn't your Content, or monthly traffic, but rather what happens, or doesn't happen on the website.

Another factor is if you leave it to the prospects to handle their conversion, they most likely won't bother. Chatbots and their conversational elements are a critical part of a successful conversion strategy.

Which you can install and then tweak as you like.

Here is Our Recommended Chatbot platforms, as there are way more out there.

We’ve compressed the list down to the very best so that you can choose the option that is right for your business or online brand and feel free to check out our best web hosting provider for startups.

Lets us Know!

What is the best Chatbot do you use in your Website?

Which one of these Chatbot Platforms are you planning to use, and why? Let us know by commenting below.


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