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Do you want Nilsarena to make a beautiful website for your business? Ready to build great things together?

In this Landbot review, you will get to learn more about Landbot customer support, price, function, and ease of use. In addition, this review will take you through the different pros and cons of the software.

Landbot helps create chatbots on the Web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any API-enabled channel. As you use the Landbot, you will succeed in creating an everyday and complete experience without necessarily having to use codes.

People mainly use Landbot because the chatbot platform is intuitive and thus aids in building interactive chatbots in a single interface.

Furthermore, it comes with a unique design that helps webmasters and marketers because of the efforts with a high lead in the different generations. This implies you will have a significant overall customer experience.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is based in Barcelona. The chatbot builder does not come with any codes. Besides, it has bagged a series of $8 million. They are led by VC and Spanish-Israel firm Swanlaab.

There is support which is alongside the innovation-focused Spin's CDTI public agency. Besides, different previous investors such as Bankinter, Encomenda, and Nauta Capita participated in this round.

The creation of chatbots such as business endeavors or marketing is one of the works in progress.

This kind of work requires attention from the team's people for a long time. Besides, their mind-numbingly is valuable and simple at the same time. Moreover, it helps the different people to leave the image or text-based notes in the builders inside.

Landbot Channel.

The Landbot review interface involves a drag and drop that is intuitive and focused on building a chatbot. It brings different conversations into life using custom designs and builds powerful blocks.

These blocks play a significant role in reflecting the image's brand. At all times, ensure you integrate the chatbots seamlessly into the workflow of your business. Within a click, you will connect with different kinds of tools.

Besides, get to deploy a variety of conversations in API-enables, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Web channels. Similarly, Landbot is user-friendly, and no code is used in the process of its use. This way, you will create conversational apps whose chatbots have a natural evolution.

Their conversational apps combine different interfaces of interactive conversations. Moreover, their UI elements guide the automation of data workflows that are advanced, such as business applications.

As a result, they address different business needs on automation and communication levels. In short, in the presence or absence of NLP, you will realize that Landbot guides in optimizing customers in the different stages.

Generally, Landbot is used by a brand that engages with all the web visitors. Therefore, their interactive chatbots are high and thus quickly attend to the customer's and visitors' needs.

Landbot Integration.

Through the help of Landbot, companies have high engagement levels through the instant messaging process from conversational commerce and customer services.

In addition, it is designed for use by different brands that wish to get much closer through the instant messaging process.

The main idea of Landbot was to help in the development of chatbots in the absence of codes. Thus, even without programming knowledge, you will succeed in managing and creating bots.

Therefore, you will have a viable solution, particularly for the small companies with insufficient capital. In this case, your development teams will be prominent and have a lot of knowledge.

Landbot is a no-code whose chatbot builder has high intuitive and interaction levels.

They guide people in converting traffic to one's website with the aid of chatbots. Thus, you will get to engage the visitors and use chatbots as you engage with all the questions and answers from your visitors.

It implies there will be great automation with different conversational strategies. Also, Landbot can fit perfectly in a given marketing stack.

Their integrations are native and consist of:

The creation of Landbot allows the brands that want great engagement with people who visit the websites using chatbots with high interaction levels.

So you will get to attend to your different customers effectively without necessarily having to use AI.

Automate WhatsApp customers with Landbot.

WhatsApp marketing helps people in stealing thunder out of social media.

It has other different kinds of communication strategies that have been in the market for many years. However, their overall hype is not likely to wither at any time soon.

By adding chatbots to the mix, you will face a game-changer that is true in the marketing process.

Even in the presence of these different business features, you will find that WhatsApp is among the latest channels that are useful for use in advertisements at all times.

Many people think that WhatsApp has been in the market for a long time, but this doesn't seem right. First, the history surrounding the use of WhatsApp is brief.


How To Create a WhatsApp Testing With Landbot?

Setting a WhatsApp Bot Canvas. To succeed in setting up the canvas, ensure you click 'Build a Chatbot.' After this process, make a selection to help you build the bot from scratch using a pre-designed template.

You are setting up a channel that helps in WhatsApp testing. To create this channel, make sure you click the channel's icon located on the dashboard's left side. Besides, ensure you click the 'New Testing Add Number.' At all times, make an input of the phone number with the aid of the country code.

The different test numbers will be linked with the aid of a given bot. After engaging in channel selection, open 'Linked Bot' under the section. Click on Link Existing Bot and start testing your bot using your mobile or whatsapp Web.

A bot-template is automatically assigned to this testing number. You can replace it any time with a bot you have prepared, or modifying it as you need.

You can easily test the bot on your own mobile phone by sending a WhatsApp message to +34 632 096 008, or by scanning the QR code below. To test the bot on your desktop, click on the WhatsApp web button.

Landbot Pricing.

The Landbot cost starts at 30 Euro/Mo. When you buy this Landbot, it will be accompanied by different features.


Sandbox: Free

Starter: 30Euro/Mo.

Professional: 80Euro/Mo.

Business: Custom.

Whatsapp: Starting At 150 Euro/Mo.

Sandbox: Free.

Starter: 24Euro/Mo.

Professional: 64Euro/Mo.

Business: Custom.

Whatsapp: Starting At 150 Euro/Mo.

These features include data optimization and tracking, conversation analytics, pre-configured bots, onscreen chats, and codeless development.

Landbot Alternatives?

Landbot is not the only Chatbot Builder on the market. There are quite a few that indeed give it a run for its money. Here now we highlight and explain them to you.

The most popular Alternative include the following:

Collect chat is top-rated and helps in the overall automation of different services. In addition, this platform is simple to use and contains a visual builder.

As a result, you will build collect chats without technical knowledge. With collect chat, you will support additional customers support and collect chat. You will offer great help to all your different customers.

It is well built and thus turns different conversations to become sales. Collect chat consists of other journeys that help create customers' delightful interactions.

The mobile monkey has significant automation needs. Besides, it aligns and enhances the whole digitalization process.

There is a trigger bot and a build floe whose excellent overall performance. They're exponentially improving all services through the build of deploying chatbots and complex flows. Thus, your business will be successful at all times.

Ensure you get to optimize and answer all the services which support business. Some queries guide the overall optimization of support and business services in chatbots serve. Therefore, their overall services are of utmost.

Tars is among the best defensive lines that any person may ever encounter. It helps people to answer different repetitive questions.

Again, you will answer all the questions that focus on different questions. With the help of different templates, the library is diverse, while their Chatbot is pre-built with different templates.

Thus, you will get the chance to publish this Chatbot as WhatsApp, a standalone page, and a website widget. Tars consist of a great tool that guides customer experience optimization, customer service automating interactions, and conversion fuels.

Tars come drag-and-drop builder and have pre-built 1000+ templates to make a selection from. Again, it gives data conversion analytics which one reviews from the dashboard.

Their Chatbot gets to give great support on payment and technical integration.

Botpenguin is a chatbot creator which is easy to use. It guides in the creation of AI-powered and rule-based bots. The chatbots help in simple communication with different potential customers.

Their dialogues have a high quality. The different human agents join other conversations. You will have control of Chatbot with a Botpenguin, which is real-time.

Their design interface is drag-and-drop, and it is user-friendly. It will guide you in making the whole website chatbots. You will use them with ease, and there is no ay kind of coding that needs to take place.

Integration is done with third-party and 40-plus platforms. These platforms consist of Google Sheets, Hubspot, skype, Salesforce, and Zapier.

It helps one in chatbot development with an easy-to-use and drag-and-drop Chatbot Builder. Again, Botpenguin helps in the creation of dialog flows. There is a necessity for one to evaluate and test the chatbots.

Ensure that you integrate web tools and apps at all times without having to write any code. Besides, ensure you add the different chatbots brand aspects to ensure their personalization is much better.

They as well come in a unique free version. The main reason people love to use Botpenguins is that it is simple and easy to use. Ensure you always ensure you make chatbots with different kinds of platforms.

These platforms consist of Line, Telegram, Facebook, and Website.


Easily customizable.

It comes in a free version.

Money has good value.

Their customer support is excellent.

The integrations take place in high numbers.

It comes with a unique auto-assign feature.

Simple to use.

The addition of WhatsApp is expensive.

Has no custom icons.

Too Many restrictions on free plan.

Landbot Support.

Landbot's knowledge base is an excellent resource for learning how to build chatbots. It has articles, tips, and tricks on every topic to create a successful chatbot.

If you need help, there are also tutorials on the site, and customer service representatives are available at [email protected] and through an in-bot chat feature.

Landbot is also part of the Bot Metropolis community on Facebook, so if you have an issue with your bot or want to talk about bot-building, you can post in there for help.


You have now learned a lot concerning Landbot. The features of Landbot will guide you towards making the ideal choice concerning the purchase of this Chatbot Builder. 

It is time you get to integrate the use of Landbot and thus get an assurance of selling all your different products in the right way. Landbot is affordable and accompanied by various advantages for your Marketing strategy.

Feel free check out our article on Best Chatbot builder of 2023. It may help with more chatbot options.

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